Ten most deceptive health knowledge

For health care, there has been a lot of rumors, there are many methods of soil. But experts point out that something you take for granted, has been using the method of health care turned out to be wrong! There are ten kinds of errors mainly health care knowledge, today we come one by one to correct it!

Live Healthy  Ten most deceptive health knowledge 34342646555_9661b4b950_o Ten of the most deceptive sense of health

Error: nosebleeds when raising the Chin

Advantage is that only in this way will not flow to the nose on the floor, but would not be nosebleed, would give the nose into the throat, and may even cause vomiting and choking. Was correctly, plug in the nose nostril a little cotton ball, gently press the nose, leaned forward and head or neck an ice towel or a wet towel can also stop the bleeding.

Error II: shaved armpit hair, can reduce sweating

Shave my armpits to stop sweat has no effect, but after shave my armpits, armpits because of discharged water cannot be hidden and leave sweat stains in clothes. Moreover, to shave my armpits or are likely to cause abscesses. Correct practice, cleaning prior to decomposition of sweat in sweaty armpits.

Mistake three: sweat is bad

Khan is no flavor. But contains a lot of organic substances in the sweat, these substances are nutrients for bacteria, but when bacteria break down the sweat, they will develop an unpleasant waste.

Mistake four: brush your teeth immediately after a meal

Brush your teeth immediately after eating, food acid erodes enamel, this will only strengthen the damaging effects of acid on teeth from the food. Right approach is, first rinse, half an hour before brushing your teeth.

Error five: drug effects on men and women

New study shows that drug effect is absolutely different men and women. Prevention of myocardial infarction such as aspirin can help men, but will have little effect on women. Soluble in fats, such as narcotic drugs, doses for women than for men.

Mistake six: my hair 100 strokes a day is good for health

Excessive hair can stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp, especially for oily hair people, much less hair. If the hair is dry hair, it is more suitable for hair. But the best made with natural bristle hair brush, so less prone to injuries to the scalp.

Error: the walking than standing up an exhausting

Because, when standing, legs bear the weight of the body, two feet can’t relax. While the walk is when you bear weight on one leg, one is relaxing.

Error eight blood sweet easy to mosquito bites

Mosquitoes smell the smell of blood. However, mosquitoes are sensitive to heat, even a 0.05 degree Celsius can tell the difference. Therefore, when we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor, would attract mosquitoes.

Error: the toilet is very unsanitary place

Frequently rinse toilet cleaner than in people’s stereotype. Family expert on bacteria found that most bacteria are hiding in a refrigerator in the House wall drain, cloth more germs than a toilet on.

Error: be wise head

Brain size is not the key to smart or not, brain structure is most important. Functions of the human brain is decided by the neural network, and people with low IQ is as certain features in that area have died, and has nothing to do with the brain size.

How would it be surprising after seeing it? The has been deeply ingrained in the mind of a little common sense is wrong, correct it as soon as possible, to avoid causing even more damage.

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