Men age approaching 8 signal

For men, aware of your signs of aging is better than carelessness did not notice; realized later discuss their feelings with a friend, than pretend to not care for better than oral discussion or not, whether aware of signs of aging, more targeted for early prevention is more important.

Live Healthy  Men age approaching 8 signal 33501097114_982969d16d_o Men age approaching 8 signal

A: Visual impairment

Rule out problems of the eye itself, which shows vascular illness occurs. It makes the blood circulation is affected, causes metabolic disorders of optic nerve and cause vision loss.

Phenomenon II: hair thinning

Enter career peak, mental and psychological stress increases, causing the endocrine and circulatory disorders, causing hair thinned.

Phenomena III: hearing loss

Bad blood circulation of auditory nerve in the inner ear, there will be a hearing loss trends. In addition, the noise of the city, and young people and have a passion for wearing a Walkman, in young people may feel about hearing damage is not apparent, but after 30 years you can clearly feel the risk of hearing loss.

Four: sex drive decrease

Reduced ability to cause 30 men from both the psychological and physiological aspects, mental fatigue, stress, and decreased physiological Androgen levels, poor blood circulation, will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Five: sports ability

After exercise, the heart beats too fast of long duration, heart regulation and lower, indicating that the reserve capacity of the heart itself has dropped. This is caused by the weakened heart muscle aging, elasticity, it is associated with poor vascular health.

VI: breathless

On the stairs, running and panting, indicating lung functions begin to decline. Studies have shown that without exercise, people in weakened lung function starts after the age of 20.

Seven: the tooth gets dirty

Males after the age of 30 the teeth can become dirty, and do not pay attention to oral health. If brushing fault, brushing your teeth is not complete, person’s gums will dwindle and the gap grows wider, dental calculus and the sediments around the teeth and gums, plaque becomes active, poor oral hygiene. Therefore, you should brush your teeth every morning and evening to correct posture to brush your teeth after every meal.

Eight: exhausted

30 year old man at work or in your life and if they exhausted, lethargic, and may be caused by mental stress or endocrine changes. This shows that Androgen levels have dropped. (Source: new overseas Chinese network in Japan)

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