Myth 7-bubble tea

“Springtime tried tea”. Tomb sweeping day, tea tree and nature come together. Listed color green tea, soup color clarity. BREW a Cup, mellow rhymes ya, ningxin except trouble. However, like tea does not amount to drink. How to BREW more health? What are the common error on tea?

Myth: tea the more expensive, the better

Tea prices are determined by the quality and level. Quality refers to the origin and species of tea, levels of main and picking time, position, and Bud, a bud, a bud and two leaves price will vary a lot, are Longjing, picked before they agree to tea before qingming is the most expensive. Qing Wang, Vice President of the China tea circulation Association, said: people don’t need to buy a high-end tea, fully based on personal ability and different tastes to choose. 100-300 yuan a kilo price, you can buy very good quality tea. Suggest to you at the time of purchase, quality, light levels. Some high level of tea picking time is too early and too young, and the tea part of nutrition is in the stems, some cheap tea and health better.

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Barley tea

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