What is a ginger and radish bed to bed

Many people know the health benefits of ginger and radish in autumn and winter, but not when you eat good. Hunanese saying “Ginger and radish bed to bed, no doctor prescription. “This proverb mean when you get up early in the morning to eat ginger, eating carrots when you go to bed at night, good for health.

Why ginger and radish in different time to eat in a day?

This is decided by their nature. Ginger, spicy taste, warm in nature, when one mornings, Qi ascending in the stomach, eating ginger can strengthen spleen and warm the stomach, encouraged by the rising Yang. To night life should be Yang convergence, Yin Sheng outside, eating ginger, violation of physical laws. “The ginger in the morning than eat soup night Ginger is equal to eating arsenic.”

Ginger essential oil, accelerate blood circulation and contains gingerol, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and excitement the intestinal tract, digestive tract function; also contains gingerol in ginger, can reduce the incidence of gallstones. So it also has disadvantages both, also left a said that ginger can be eaten, but not eat.

Especially in autumn, don’t eat, because the climate is dry, dry gas and lung injury in the fall, and spicy ginger, more likely to damage the lungs, increasing body water loss, dry. Also appears in ancient medical books to the “warning”: “less than a year, autumn and not fresh ginger; day and night fresh ginger. “It appears that autumn does not eat or eat ginger and other spicy foods, has long drawn people’s attention, this is very reasonable.

Contrast with ginger, radish cold, relieve internal heat is heat, gas and digestion, tiring day, eat carrots, throat digestion, aptly dry heat and rest.

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