Most eggs will make eight mistakes

Eggs are a lot of home cooking in the “leading role”, however, not all persons are aware of their cooking skills. Recently, American food site “meal of the day” articles, and concludes that “cooking eggs of common errors”, for members ‘ reference.

Tips  Most eggs will make eight mistakes 33523140623_b115f1c8dc_o Eggs are often made eight mistakes

Bowl or counter edges and break eggs. Select a clean stove tops, graphic (instead of a bowl) break eggs, can prevent egg into Bowl, cause pollution, but also to avoid fish egg out of the egg thereby resulting in wastage.

Boiling eggs. Try not to cook the eggs into boiling water, otherwise not only caused the shell to break, the egg out and easy to burn fingers. Right thing to do is, eggs, cold water pot, slow to heat up, the proper temprature and cook for 3 minutes after boiling, then soaked for 5 minutes after the cease-fire. Tender boiled egg, egg yolks frozen and not old.

After cooling, Peel cooked eggs, such as nature. This shell is not only time-consuming, but also easy to keep protein in egg, resulting in waste. Save time and effort and not wasteful practice is, boiled eggs out into cold water immediately after, when you feel hot, Peel as soon as possible.

Scrambled eggs with fire. FRY easy fried egg paste, and leads to the palate hard. Best scrambled eggs gently stir with a low fire, stir the eggs is not old, and also more supple.

Stir egg mixture vigorously before the omelette. Stir fried egg pancake taste too hard. Stir egg mixture does not require too much effort, if more water when you stir or cream, fried omelet is not easy to paste pots, soft and delicious.

When Cook poached eggs with salt. When Cook poached eggs just in hot water (not boiling), add a little vinegar (instead of salt). Cook for 3-4 minutes later, you can remove the eggs, cooked up more tender.

Using a wok. With a non-stick pan egg dish was better than stainless steel pan or wok. The reason is simple, eggs once the Pan easily paste.

While with eggs, and finally the spices. Scrambled eggs and omelets, scrambled eggs on or before quickly into the pot, the salt and pepper and other spices, make sure seasoning evenly. ▲ (Life and times special correspondent Chen Zonglun)

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