92 years longevity is only one word for the elderly

British chemist Michael Faraday when he was young, due to too much tension, mental disorders, often despite long-term drug treatment, still no improvement. Later, a famous doctor to examine him, but does not prescribe, upon leaving just laugh and say an English proverb: “a clown town, more than a dozen doctors. “A long way off. Faraday this careful taste, finally discovered secret since then, Faraday usually find time to see burlesque, circus and comedy, often laughed with pleasure. Such a happy state of mind, his condition is greatly improved, headache and insomnia did not need to.

Live Healthy  92 years longevity is only one word for the elderly 34202609081_82fd2d2500_o 92 years old secret of a Word only

Newspaper reports, when the German physiologist at 92 years old birthday, to introduce people to the secret of longevity is only one word: “smile”.

Laughter is a special kind of exercise, people smiling, cause facial muscles and chest and abdominal muscles, laughing even when the limb muscles with exercise, so that the blood flow in the body to speed up, promote body metabolism, help improve the body’s resistance to disease. France pointed out that laughing is a process of oxygen, oxygen into the blood, improving blood circulation, can accelerate cuts blood toxins the body brought in, sugar, fat and lactic acid in the human body can faster decomposition.

Laughter is an effective digestive. Happy Xu increases the secretion of digestive juices, joy of laughter can promote gastrointestinal activity, so as to increase appetite, helps digestion and absorption of food.

Laughter is the respiratory system of “protection”. With laughter, to deep breathing exercise can make a person involuntarily, as if breathing gymnastics, secretions from the respiratory system.

In addition, the smiling regulating mental activities, laughter can overcome loneliness and depression, laughter can help individuals to better adapt to the environment. Kenbaoweier, a psychologist at after analyzing the effects of stress on the human body caused by, pointed out: as long as the laughter, the body will instantly relax because it inhibits cortisol and adrenaline, dissolve the harmful effects of stress. Recently, the United States pointed out that people laugh controlled by the prefrontal cortex of the right brain, which Manager Xu. Every laugh once, it will stimulate a variety of functions and hormones, which are important to maintain human health. When people laugh, by diverting the attention, your muscles will relax, pain hormones increase resistance, can alleviate symptoms such as headache, back pain, and muscle pain. A Japanese doctor using laughter therapy and other diseases–he will laugh and beautiful sounds of recorded conversations so that patients can hear, pre-recorded messages such as “my body’s ability to fight diseases,” such good word, by subconscious increase a patient’s immune system. He found that laughter can significantly promote the Elimination of cancer cells.

Today, has been abroad for some rehabilitation hospitals hired a comedian to hospital performance on a regular basis, Ward filled with laughter, the patient a speedy recovery.

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