Potherbs in spring science eat in moderation

Spring has come, everything, everywhere a spring scene. Many friends have brought relatives to dig wild vegetables to eat outside on the weekends. Dietitian remind everyone to learn science ate wild plants.

Amaranth Amaranthus are rich in iron, calcium, beta-carotene and vitamin c, in the absence of oxalic acid and calcium are easily absorbed by the human body, and rich in iron can synthesis of hemoglobin in the cells. Wash the amaranth, Shui Chao then can be cold and hot dishes, soup, etc. But amaranth cold, spleen, loose stools with caution.

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Portulaca its pickle, cold, heat-clearing and detoxifying, water wet, blood swelling, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, oral ulcers and gastritis, a unique effect. Eat salad can bring hot spring contract feeling.

Chun dish also known as toona sinensis, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin content of vegetables on top, also contain fat, iron, carotene and Toon elements. Toon scrambled eggs are household names such as a comfort food.

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