Keep you away from a healthy 9 abuse

Busy life, people’s eating habits to time, and in many cases, people working for time, also save on food, eat some food. As everyone knows, is a convenient “double”, let you further and further from health.

Vices: instant noodles instead of breakfast

Regular consumption of instant noodles instead of breakfast, is very harmful for human health and development. Because the six drivers in maintaining normal physiological metabolism, an instant noodle is mainly carbohydrates, few other nutrients. Therefore, if long noodles instead of breakfast, can cause dizziness, fatigue, weight loss, heart palpitations, low spirits, and severe weight loss can occur, muscle atrophy, such as nutritional deficiencies.

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Abuse II: fruit instead of vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, for this reason, many people think that as long as eat fruit every day, don’t eat or eat fewer vegetables anyway. In fact, the vegetable is second only to food of essential food, it can more effectively promote the body’s absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, three nutrients. People if you only eat animal foods, protein absorption rate of 70%; and fresh vegetables, the absorption rate of up to 90% per cent. Furthermore, it contains a unique plant fiber in vegetables can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, play a role in digestion, preventing colon cancer.

Vice three: fresh vegetables instead of frozen vegetables

If he means just picked fresh vegetables in the vegetable garden, this is no problem. But in fact most of the vegetables we eat not so fresh, and is often stored for a few days, the vitamin was gradually lost during the storage process. In contrast, frozen vegetables can keep more vitamins, vegetables picked after refrigerated, can effectively prevent the loss of vitamins.

Vice IV: mineral water instead of water

Many people say the mineral water is rich in minerals, are no longer drinking boiled water, use mineral water instead, but water can also be contaminated by harmful substances in the land. Recently, scientists in the Netherlands the bottled mineral water is analyzed to find mineral water is more likely to be contaminated with dangerous germs and bacteria. Although the bacteria may not be health human body pose a great threat, but for people with weak immune systems, bottled water bacteria may result in considerable danger.

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Abuse Friday: meat instead of fish

Only eat pork, eat or do not eat fish are the majority Han people’s habits. While protein content and absorption rate differences is small, but very much fat composition differences. Fish fats contain more of certain polyunsaturated fatty acids, and fatty acids on children’s brain development and play a useful role in prevention of cardiovascular disease. Meat, especially red meat, fatty acids, saturated, excessive intake of unhealthy.

Abuse six: brown sugar instead of white sugar

Brown sugar and white sugar is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet, sugar production process slightly easier than white sugar, which contain more glucose and cellulose and release energy faster, higher absorption and utilization. However, brown sugar taste less sweet than sugar, people naturally will when I have some more tea and coffee, brown sugar, and sometimes more dangerous than white sugar.

Vices: the tonic substitute supplements

Many people in when doctors recommended the strengthening of nutrition, but tend to take lots of tonics. However, experts point out that tonic is indispensable nutrition. Amino acids are the common tonic, but not difficult, you don’t have to apply blindly lost not only can cause allergic reactions of amino acids, renal function, hepatic coma, uremia may also occur. Many people believe that vitamins are good for health, eat just as well, but it is not that long-term use of vitamin a and d vitamin a toxicity can occur, bone pain, nausea, itching, hair loss, and so on. Therefore, nutrition, should start with diet, not to abuse supplements.

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Abuse VIII: nutritional supplements instead of natural foods

Many people pay more and more attention to nutrition, that’s a good thing, but abuse of supplements, good becomes bad. Eat protein powder, fruit and vegetable vitamin, that eating these supplements, the body will grow healthy. More than a few people believe that vitamins are good for health, eat just as well, but it is not. For example, large amounts of vitamin c and Kidney stone formation, nutrition, in principle, should start with diet. If the diet is not enough, when you need to add, should be carried out by relevant experts to give advice, must not abuse again.

Vices: expensive to replace cheap

Expensive, is not necessarily the best. For example, the expensive shark fin, the main ingredient is collagen. Collagen amino acids are not comprehensive, the body needs amino acids do not quite meet, much less eggs, milk albumin, globulin high nutritional value. Shark collagen intake, it is better to eat eggs and milk to absorb more nutritional albumin, globulin.

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