These snacks should not be underestimated, is the top grade of blood!

Whether men or women, are likely to have anemia, so everyone needs blood. There are many methods of blood, in addition to drug regulation, a healthy diet is your good choice. Found many foods has the efficacy of blood of TCM, you can eat some more often. Below highlights some of the snacks if you can supplement Qi and blood, small series of recommendations you can always have more.

Tips  These snacks should not be underestimated, is the top grade of blood! 34317922175_f27a24f86d_o

1. dried longan

Dried longan longan said, is welcomed by the broad masses of consumers of nutritional supplements, all over the country are of the consumer market.
Longan fruit contains 50%-70% of water, but also contains various nutrients, such as sugars, proteins, vitamins and so on. Blood and Qi, enhance immunity, and soothe except irritated, spleen, beauty skin care, rejuvenation anti-radiation effect.

2. raisin

Women monthly period blood loss, high risk for mild anemia, pallor, lack of red cheeks, looked listless, and afraid of the cold, cold hands and feet all year round. Grapes can help you to recover good color.

TCM believes that the grape has “blood and strong bones in Chile, stomach fluid except polydipsia, Qi-by-water urinal, kidney and liver a good face” effect, the usual grapes, cold hands and feet, low back pain, anemia and other phenomena can be mitigated, improve immunity. Working women might as well eat a handful of raisins, and continued for 7 days can bear fruit.

3. dried mango

Dried mango benefits stomach, anti-nausea, halo effect, Vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome, hypertension, dizziness, nausea and vomiting are effective. Fruit or Mango fried water eating the nausea in pregnant women is also a very good result; dried mangoes can lower cholesterol, eat mango contributed to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, is good for eyesight, moist skin, is a woman’s beauty and good fruit.

Efficacy of dried mango chills and diseases cough, cough, phlegm, wheezing and other auxiliary therapeutic effect; dried mango fruit juice can increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, shorter residence time within the feces in the colon, so beneficial to fight colon cancer.

4. sweet potato

Sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes, rich in sugar, fiber and various vitamins, including b-carotene, vitamin e and vitamin c.

Rich in carotene can make normal epithelial cells mature, inhibition of abnormal cell differentiation, elimination of carcinogenic effect of oxygen free radicals, prevent carcinogens combined with protein in the nucleus, promoting immune system enhancement. Sweet potatoes not only can prevent early aging, prevent arteriosclerosis, can effectively prevent cancer.

5. dried persimmon

Pie-shaped persimmon, persimmon sweet wet toxic, moderately hard and soft, which is sweet, nourishing, bleeding, relieving alcoholism, moistens the heart and lungs, cough and phlegm, heat-quench your thirst, the effect of jianpi astringent intestinal throat. Persimmon flavor, sweet and astringent persimmon, cool, nontoxic dry persimmon (persimmon), sweet, warm, nontoxic. Into the spleen, lung and large intestine. Run cardiopulmonary, cough and phlegm, heat and thirst, spleen dry sausage. Treat throat pain, coughing phlegm.

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