5 aged foods do to eat less

Biologically speaking, over time, aging is a biological, spontaneous process. With increasing age, the situation will be more clear, in order to let his younger, it has become a priority. Anti aging not only in life, also from the food away from the aging …

1, lead food

Lead to potassium in the brain epinephrine, dopamine and serotonin concentrations decreased, resulting in nerve conduction block, causing memory loss, dementia, mental development disorders and other disorders. Human lead uptake too much will cause direct damage to nerve cells within the function of the genetic material DNA, not only easy to make people suffer from dementia, but also makes people look grey and premature aging.

2, pickles

Salted fish, meat, vegetables and other foods, easy to add salt into nitrite, which under the catalysis of enzymes in the body, levels and types of substances produced by imide carcinogens, people eat more susceptible to cancer, premature aging and the human body.

Note: salted fish and two methyl nitrite in the body can be transformed into carcinogenic substance dimethyl amine nitrite. Also contains carcinogens such as salted eggs, pickles, you should try to eat less.

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3, moldy foods: make premature

Food, oil, peanuts, beans, meat, fish, mildew, and can produce a lot of bacteria and aflatoxin. If one of these moldy food, ranging from diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, Vertigo, irritability, diarrhea, symptoms such as hearing loss and general weakness, heavy carcinogenic teratogenic, and promotes premature aging.

4, scale: causes of premature

Long time scale for tea or drinking ware, if not promptly cleared, regular drinking can lead to digestive, nervous and urinary tract, blood, circulatory system diseases caused by aging, it is because the scale has more harmful metals such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum and other causes. Scientists have used 98 days thermos in the scale for chemical analysis, found the harmful elements more: 0.034 mg of cadmium and mercury was 0.44 mg, 0.21 mg of arsenic, aluminum is 0.012 mg/dl. These harmful metals harmful to the human body.

5, lipid peroxide in food

Oxygen is an unsaturated fatty acid lipid peroxides. Such as fried fish, shrimp, pork, edible oils, place long will generate peroxide lipid; Sun-dried in the Sun for a long time, bacon, etc; long-term storage of cookies, pastries, tea, oil, and especially easy to produce rancid oil, oil Rancidity when producing oxygen.

Hazards: researchers found that lipid peroxide enters the human body, acid and vitamins in the human body will be greatly damaged, and accelerated aging.

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