Recommendation 7 low calorie snacks and eat it!

Many people know that the weight loss is to shut up, snacks can not eat, do not eat, if small series said, snacking can help you lose weight, you’re going to think I’m talking nonsense? Here look at it together. Weight loss is a long stick thing, but sometimes really unbearable, wanted to eat some snacks to satisfy, then what are the snacks can help you lose weight, no excess calories and fat?

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7 weight loss snacks recommended

1, plum

Plum is an alkaline food, helps blood acid-base balance in the body, reduced anger, spleen and stomach can help digestion, nourish the liver. Plum also has anti-aging, thirst, neutralization of acidic metabolites, and other effects. Some want to lose weight but I love to eat, beautiful Plum is a good choice.

2, nuts, dried fruit

Snack best without any processing of raw nuts and directly instead of candied fruit, dried, so as to ensure that no excess intake of calories and fat. Recommends snacks a day not more than 25% of total calories throughout the day, food is usually designed for the total energy 10%~15%, including all non-meal food food and drink except water.

When a person’s blood glucose is below a certain value, the hunger will increase dramatically, and some of them also lower blood sugar. Some suggested recommendations of the diabetes carrying a bottle of fresh water, and dry with raisins, dates and other such “dry goods” is more convenient. Mental, every now and then the mouth with a single, but also to improve efficiency. Can also put some simple processing of hawthorn, cut into small pieces in a snack box, add sweet and sour taste of the food.

3, honey

Honey in the by containing of glucose can prompted people brain of eating pigment stop secretion, is people produced full abdominal sense, not has wants to immediately eating of desire, if think single drink honey too monotone, so on added little to temperature milk in or often drink of tea in’s, such hypnosis of effect was turned times, meimei of sleep Shang a sleep, also worry reduction down fertilizer to you?

4, yogurt

Yogurt can be said to be one of the best snacks to lose weight, it contains large amounts of calcium and protein components, can provide the body with energy and nutrients, and lactic acid bacteria and can stimulate the stomach, digestion and absorption of food and excrete toxins, solve the problem of constipation. Yogurt tastes delicious, drink before a meal to lose weight will greatly improve efficiency.

Weight loss snacks, of course also have to exercise to slim down, but some people really don’t want to go for sports, at home so what can do sport?

5, dried blueberries

Blueberry polyphenols has a decomposing effect on fat, can inhibit fat production. Blueberries are rich in vitamin c, which helps the body eliminate toxins and enhance digestive function. Nutritional value well above the apples, grapes, oranges and other fruits. In addition, the blueberries are rich in flavonoids and antioxidant. Blueberries dried than fresh blueberries are more likely to save, 100g dried blueberries contains 200 calories, is the ideal slimming beauty and snacks. Blueberry dry heat greater than blueberries, blueberries are seasonal, save time is not long, dried blueberries Blueberry substitutes have been popular in Europe and Japan for some time.

6, dark chocolate

The main ingredient of chocolate cocoa powder can work to promote muscle and reflex system of the body, and stimulates the blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, so chocolate is to a certain degree have a positive effect on weight. Chocolate, cocoa and milk content different distinction. Dark chocolate is chocolate milk quality in the family and varieties of sugar content of at least, so it easily in the chocolate family group makes one fat. In the selection of chocolate, to focus on comparing various brands of chocolate cocoa and sugar content.

7, seaweed

Seaweed is a low calorie, high fiber foods, fat girl is safe to eat, Oh, 20G dried seaweed at only 30 calories. Porphyra seaweed concentrated among the various b vitamins, in particular is rich in riboflavin and niacin contents of vitamin b are required elements of the fat-burning, and seaweed rich in iodine, can speed up our calories when you exercise.

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