Skin care preferred 8 kinds of collagen-rich foods

Old woman not old, depending on the body’s collagen is not much. 7 foods rich in collagen, skin will eat the preferred share.

Deep sea fish

Studies have found that fish collagen structure closest to the body, is the most easily absorbed by the body identification of collagen, have the highest absorption rate. Main sources of fish collagen cartilage of deep sea fish collagen outer lipid membrane, and Omega-3 rich fatty tuna and salmon fatty membranes can be stronger, thus providing better protection for collagen, ultimately providing better structural support for skin.

Collagen, in addition to eat pig’s feet and can also eat collagen products, but don’t believe the health care products.

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Steamed Mandarin fish

Red vegetables

Tomatoes, red peppers, beets and other vegetables rich in antioxidants – lycopene, helping improve the collagen content of the skin at the same time, can also provide the skin with natural sun protection.

Dark green vegetables

Dark green vegetables like spinach, kale is rich in vitamin c, which can accelerate the formation of collagen. The antioxidant properties of vitamin c also allows the activity of enzyme decomposition of collagen of the Messenger stable. In addition, collagen, vitamin c can protect against free radical damage.

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