8 foods to protect your eye health

Modern people increasingly depends on electronic equipment, eyes when working at the computer, resting eyes on a cell phone, pad screen, eyestrain is a growing problem. Small today to recommend 8 foods, can help us protect eye health.

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Spinach egg drop soup

1 spinach, cherry tomatoes – preventing eye disease

Spinach contains large amounts of lutein, lutein to prevent eye macular lesions caused by aging is very effective, to help prevent cataracts. Not only is the spinach, the essential complement green vegetables can get the vitamin B2 and β-carrots 蔔 pigment. When sufficient vitamin B2, eyes hard announced full blood; beta-carrots 蔔, and can be converted into vitamin a in the body, prevention of dry eye syndrome.

Cherry tomatoes are vitamin warehouse. The vitamin a content of cherry belongs to the best in fruits and vegetables, also rich in vitamin c and vitamin p, you can scavenge free radicals, has strong antioxidant capacity, so that you can protect cell DNA, avoiding genetic mutations. Meanwhile, the pectin in the fruit ingredients to increase the elasticity of the skin, so eat it as a snack, not only beauty but also to protect the eyes.

-2 egg yolks-delaying aging eyes

In addition to the lutein helps eyes, another zeaxanthin also has good antioxidant, protects the eyes. These two types of nutrients to reduce UV damage to the eyes, slow the aging of the eye, the prevention of eye diseases such as cataract and macular lesions.

Both lutein and zeaxanthin, even contains protein, fat, lecithin, and other nutrients in natural food is the yolk. Some people think that eating eggs can’t eat the yolk, from excess of cholesterol, so deny abandon consumption, most unfortunately, normal diet generally is very light for the elderly, moderate intake of high nutritional value of egg yolk per day, is an important source of nutrition.

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