6 health you must eat breakfast!

Breakfast is very important for all of us! But do you know how to eat breakfast for us please? 6 health you must eat breakfast!

Eating: “nutrition” breakfast

Breakfast: fruit, vegetables, milk and other nutritious food is short of “nutritional value is not high,” a staple.

Popular causes: this type of breakfast is generally welcomed by women, because food is the main source of heat, and heat is the enemy of slim women with dieters … … Therefore, all kinds of nutritious food to eat, while the heat will be reduced.

Expert review: many people wrongly believe that staple food only provides heat, hangs the bait with nutrition, carbohydrates also belong to the scope of the nutrition, and is extremely important for the body, because there is insufficient heat supply, the body will automatically explode releasing heat, do not eat the staple food for a long time can cause malnutrition and leads to weakening of the various functions of the body. In addition, yogurt, bananas and tomatoes, snow PEAR, Plum, apricot taste acidic fruits and fiber, such as fruits, should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

Suggestions: staple foods such as bread, bread should be increased, the grains can make the body to get enough carbohydrates, but also to absorption of milk.

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Oatmeal whole wheat bread

Eat two: fast food breakfast

Breakfast: a variety of Western-style fast food

Popular reason: Western-style fast food such as burgers, fried chicken wings, and has always been a fashion crowd eating preferences. And now many fast-food restaurants also offer breakfast, such as hamburgers, plus coffee, tea or milk, convenient and taste good.

Expert Tip: the high calorie breakfast easily result in obesity, long-term use of fried food is harmful to the body. Western-style fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat low calorie foods. In addition, this Western breakfast nutritional imbalance problems, high heat, but it is often a lack of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Advice: choose Western fast-food breakfast, should be coupled with the fruit or vegetable soup, to maintain a balanced to ensure intake of various nutrients. Best not on a diet.

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