Poisonous and must not eat chicken parts

Cooked chicken parts alone are a great delicacy, so welcomed by cargo. However, some parts of the chicken there are serious health risks, and it is often eaten. So, what part of the chicken is not to be eaten?

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1 chicken

Nowadays, the tail has a stylish dining table is common, saying: “eat the tail of hair”, the meaning of the word, though with a little joke, but humorous express tail is often eats and loves to eat the chicken parts. And the taste of the chicken was good, full of very high nutritional value. However, the hazards of eating chicken: how much do you know?

In fact, eating chicken this is not desirable. Proverb says: the tail of the decade than arsenic. This sentence shows the hazards of eating chicken, chicken and more, the head of greater toxicity is contained in. So, what makes high nutrition-rich tail is so toxic damage to people’s health?

In fact, this culture has a lot to do with chickens, because many of today’s chickens are carried out by way of feeding farmed, and for some small retailers, driven by the interests of the chemicals will be added to the feed. So when the chickens pecking in the process of eating some of heavy metal substances damaging to the human body, and these heavy metals in a major role in brain tissue, are gradually in the brain, as a result of “root”, so this is the older chickens, containing toxins, the greater cause.

So, advise diners who eat chicken, eat chicken an enjoyable culinary temptations, but for health reasons, must get rid of the unhealthy eating habits.

2 chicken wings

Chicken wings but is the most common dish on the table, is popular with adults and children. Although there is no nutritional value in chicken wings, but the smell of it is memorable, so resist the temptation.

I think, a lot of people should read before such a piece of news, a chicken was covered by 3 pairs of wings. Should be quite shocked about this matter, then, is what causes the chicken wings soaring? This is, of course, because in chickens caused by hormone injections cause.

According to introduction, a chicken from smallest to largest total 4 hormone injections, and injections of major parts of chicken wings. Therefore, some drug residues will be hidden in the wings, while others will be found in the blood and meat, that’s why people refuse to eat chicken before. However, as the wind, wings or a return to the table, and continues to be enjoyed by the people.

Frequently eating some of foods containing hormones, easily caused disruption of normal secretion of the hormones in the body, thereby increasing the chances of a human suffering from cancer. Among them, for women, will increase the probability of suffering from breast cancer. Also for children if too much of the hormone can lead to the phenomenon of early, serious harm to human health. So, even if the wings are delicious, but must be cut down.

In addition, buying chicken wings are also very particular about, not just by looking at the appearance, you want to choose a few yellowed dry chicken wings, no congestion on the surface. Do not choose too much water, bright white surface of chicken wings, because these are after infection caused by caustic soda water bubble, and will therefore appear more plump. However, the caustic soda is highly corrosive, internal organs of the human body has a lot of erosion.

3 chicken neck

Roasted chicken neck, Lu JI Bo, stewed chicken neck became a popular street snack, however when people are enjoying the delicious chicken neck when you have noticed the chicken neck lymph glands do? Eat a chicken do you know do harm to human health?

There is little meat chicken necks in this region, but many blood vessels, and lymph glands are concentrated here. Known as lymph glands, is chicken neck skin and part to the little finger between the meat is about the size of a small lump, feels a little drums, can be seen by human eyes.

Don’t look down upon this tiny little knots, these lymph nodes are the immune organs of chickens here contains a lot of bacteria and viruses, and these are carcinogenic, so often after human consumption could cause serious health damage.

In fact occasionally eat some chicken necks fill your belly and not much of a risk for health. However, it is not right to eat or eat, it is causing serious harm to people’s health. So I hope that everyone must eat less chicken necks, even can’t help but greedy, we eat must first also be lymph glands removed, so as to reduce the harm to the human body.

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