Health master these 6 points twice in the spring

After the spring, Yang began ascending in the human body, metabolic enhancement, such as nature in the spring, “Chen” when take strong sun rise, the body’s metabolism of the machine, using the scientific method, is very favorable to year-round fitness and disease prevention, even a multiplier effect can be achieved.

Avoid the “wet” gas increase upper body after a spring rain, humidity increased, bacteria, viruses, easy to grow and multiply. Therefore, Yang-Yang to work on the moisture in the spring. Room every day at noon to open Windows, bedding and clothing to keep dry air. Wear loose cotton clothing, eczema can be avoided. Also, do not exercise in damp places, sports sweat time to dry and leave sweat stains clothes change as soon as possible. After exercise could not take the sweat bath, in order to avoid conditions such as sweat rash, or joint pain.

Appropriate “his spring” spring climate in fits and starts, the metabolic function of the elderly and the weak ability to regulate body temperature, after the cold susceptible to disease, due “spring cover.”

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Diet spring diet acid increases “, acid increase Gan”. Liver-Yang hyperactivity in the spring, when eating acidic foods may cause liver too exuberant, and liver easily damage the spleen and stomach, so avoid the spring diet of “acid”. Acidic foods are meat, dog, quail, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fish, shrimps, crabs, etc.

Should be “moving” only “static” nature of spring sun began ascending, body should take advantage of this natural feature, focusing on Yang, Yang Yi “move” should not be “static”. Active outdoor exercise, more negative oxygen ions in the air in the spring, can enhance the efficiency of the cerebral cortex, and heart and lung function, prevent arteriosclerosis.

To maintain ease of feeling refreshed and contribute to liver. Spring liver Yang Kangcheng, people’s moods easily irritable, so should remain open-minded, physical and mental harmony. Depression can lead to stagnation of the liver-Qi, effects of liver-Qi discharging, easily lead to neuro-endocrine system disorders, decreased immunity, causing psychosis, liver disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and so on.

Abstinence sex spring is a great time Yang, as passions move sex frequency, then gas consumption of precision, further damage Sun, so moderation of sexuality in the spring.

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