Spring liver eating celery pinggan jiangya

Want liver shuya in the spring, to health effects, eating food can do in everyday life. Dietitians recommend various eating celery in the spring.

Nutritionists pointed out that liver effects of celery, mainly because of the acid-relief component of celery, celeriac is the preferred product for treatment of hypertension and its complications. For hardening of the arteries, and also the role of adjuvant therapy of patients with neurasthenia. Effective components of celery contains the diuretic.

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In addition, celery with high iron content, to supplement the women’s menstrual blood loss, is the Center for patients with iron deficiency anemia, which can avoid pale, dry and lustreless skin and lustrous eyes, jet-black hair. Celery leaves and stems contain volatile substances, unique fragrance, can enhance one’s appetite. Celery juice and hypoglycemic effects. Often eat more celery, and uric acid and acidic substances in the body, has good effect on prevention of gout.

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