Eat Eggplant so susceptible to poisoning and must be careful!

In daily life, is the food we eat eggplant, eggplant is not only delicious, there are a lot of care and treatment, is a young and old food. But did you also know that, egg-eating right is also hazardous to health, will even endanger human lives, eat eat this eggplant poison, terrible, below under along with small eggplants, so eat to eat healthy without damage.

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Effectiveness of Eggplant

1, lower blood pressure.

Eggplant is rich of vitamin p, is a flavonoid compound, soften blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.

2, lower cholesterol levels.

Eggplant contains choline and trigonelline, within the small intestine combined with too much cholesterol, passed out of the body to maintain normal blood circulation of the body, lowers cholesterol.

3, lose weight.

Eggplant can also absorb fats play a role in weight loss.

4, qingre.

In the summer, the Eggplant qingre, for summer likely heat rash, boils and is particularly appropriate.

Eat Eggplant so susceptible to poisoning

1, a large number of poisoning by eating Eggplant

The Eggplant has a substance called solanine, has the role of antioxidant and cancer, is one of the sources of health effects of Eggplant; but it’s good for gastrointestinal stimulation have a narcotic effect on respiratory center, human poisoning occurs when an intake high.

Solanine is not soluble in water, Blanch, poach method cannot be removed, such as solanine. Add some vinegar in cooking, but helps to breakdown or decomposition solanine.

Solanine poisoning prevention the best way to naturally control intake. However, under normal circumstances, a meal eat 250 grams of Eggplant do not cause any discomfort, so we need not be too alarmed.

2, raw Eggplant poisoning

Not all vegetables can be eaten raw, some raw vegetables are also very likely to cause poisoning or even produce carcinogenic substances. General view, solanine content in the original raw eggplant, tender, if you eat, eat less, acute poisoning symptoms may not appear obvious. But not to assert that the raw Eggplant is not toxic, when there is a lip tingling feeling, need to be vigilant.

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