Do Potatoes grow fat, other effects how much you know

People who lose weight during the special diet, many people want to know which appears so often in everyday life getting to eat fat? Potatoes does not cause the weight gain, but also has the efficacy of weight loss, people who want to lose weight must not be missed. Potatoes can also breast, you know?

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Many dieters think that potato starch content was high, resulting in heat, is fattening foods. And a recent American nutritionist said, this totally wrong, and want to lose weight, eat a lot of potatoes.

Because the potato is rich in starch and protein and calories is very low, the body will burn calories in the process of absorbing protein, which break down the body of excess fat, weight loss results, and potatoes are rich in nutrients can meet human needs.
Potato starch is contained in, but the real content of starch 20%, much lower than the staple food rice, pasta. And its very low fat content, only 0.1%, is far behind all the food. Meanwhile, the moisture content of the potato is quite high, up to 70%, which also contains the “fullness” of dietary fiber. These are essential features of diet food.

Experts believe that with potatoes instead of Staples, not only to achieve the weight loss results, without using other methods to lose weight as a result of nutrient deficiencies.

But why potato has been seen as fat foods? First, because improper cooking, potatoes make good fries, crisps; second, because there is no potato instead of a staple food, but regard it as a vegetable.

Potatoes contain less heat than a staple, more than ordinary vegetables, so if you’re not as a vegetable and potatoes as a staple food. It becomes a very good diet food.

In addition, women in menstrual period eat potatoes also can achieve the effect of breast, you can give it a try!

In addition, the potato has a very high nutritional value. Protein and healthy function of soybean, contains carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients than rice and flour. Is compared to the high nutritional value of apples, it favourably, or even three times times higher than Apple. To this end, an American nutrition experts asserted: “every meal if you eat whole milk and potatoes, will be able to get all the nutrients the body needs. ”

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