Don’t waste your 5 delicious celery leaves practice

Nutritionists have celery stems and leaves have been testing of 13 nutrients, the nutrients found in celery leaves, there are 10 indicators than the stem: stems of carotene content is 88 times, stems of vitamin B1 is 17 times, 13 times times the vitamin c is stem, stem twice times more than calcium.

Boiled dumpling

Cut up the washed celery leaves, and meat by the 1:1 mix, add a little salt, ginger, allspice and other spices, make dumplings taste delicious.

Scrambled eggs

Wash the celery leaves finely chopped, into the 2-3 eggs in a bowl, add chopped celery leaves mix a mix, stir and then pour the hot oil the Pan, serve fried eggs with celery.

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With garlic, celery leaves


Wash the celery leaf boiling water, drain and gently squeeze dry, and chopped with a knife. 5-6 mm cut the tofu into cubes, with the celery leaves into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, sugar, mix well. This dish is color green, fresh and agreeable.


Wash and cut celery leaves, Shui Chao. Into 2 eggs in a bowl, and celery mix, add some flour, tune into a paste. Pour in a little oil in a frying pan, FRY can be. Eggs with celery leaf scent, soft and tender and delicious.

Make soup

Wash the celery leaves, pour in the water, add shrimps, salt, boiling. Add celery leaves, water and starch to thicken, Beat egg, a little sesame oil.

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