Porridge is good, nourishing skin porridge

Spring of good health, his ruddy skin supple and glossy. What about spring beauty skin care? Recommend some porridge, helps us keep a good skin.

Spots and look dull, acne and other skin problems that we face. Want good skin, in addition to do basic care, but also supplemented diet. Chinese medicine, the complexion is associated with the spleen, such as acne, acne is due to spleen damp heat-sheng, butterfly spots caused by liver stasis and spleen deficiency; matte yellow is a sign of spleen Qi could not go. Everything in the spring, the function of the human body strong, so spring skin-nourishing spleen Shu blood or the comfortable liver and invigorating the spleen, promoting blood circulation to remove obstruction in diet best.

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Featured beauty porridge

1 and date porridge

Take rice 60 g, jujube 10, date added in the rice, Cook until cooked porridge rotten jujube. Jujube is rich in vitamin e, eating jujube soup, Ruddy and making people look good.

2, bird’s nest porridge with rock candy

Nests from 3 g crystal sugar amount, bring it to a porridge-like you can eat. If you add 5 grams of sweet almond Cook, its beauty is better. Candy bird’s nest porridge with moist skin, blood and beauty too.

3, Astragalus porridge with brown sugar

30 grams of astragalus, rice 100 g, 30 g of brown sugar, orange peel 6 grams. Astragalus root slices, put them in the pot, add water, boiling slag juice; rice wash clean and dried orange peel and brown sugar into the pot, then pour the juice of astragalus, add some water, and cook until rice knows that into. Brown sugar tastes sweet, moist, have run in the heart, lungs, and spleen, the effect of slow liver, blood, blood stasis; Astragalus sweet, warm, vital role of gubiao antiperspirant, occasional sores; Chen Pi Weixin, bitter, warm in nature, Qi Jianwei, dampness and phlegm. This porridge is Qi beauty effect, apply blood weak face pale and unimposing.

4, beauty porridge

White rice 100 g 1200 ml chicken soup, 3 grams of ligusticum chuanxiong hort, 10 grams of Angelica sinensis, Astragalus 5 g saffron 2 g. Wash clean the rice, soaked with water; Angelica sinensis, rhizoma chuanxiong and radix astragali slice, mounted in a small bag with the red; and charging small bag the rice into the pot, add chicken, the right amount of water to the fire boil, simmer thickened, remove bag and serve. This soup added Qi, blood, activating blood circulation based on ancient decoction of Chinese medicine, 1~2 times a day, taken with warm, on improving body function and female facial skin moist, tender and good for prevention and treatment of diseases affecting the appearance beauty.

Spring recommended skin care skin whitening herbal

1, nuts: makes skin more beautiful

White kernels of sweet, bitter and astringent, drying, ginkgolic acid inhibits in vitro skin fungus, so topical cure for head and foot and a variety of capacitive skin disease and delay skin aging, prevent rough skin.

Cosmetic effect: the white nuts into a liquid slurry applied on the face, making the skin soft and smooth, white and beautiful.

2, white su: do not feel the same way

White Su in beauty, the beauty of the response, and indicates that the charm of the white Su. The fresh white Su Yeca from armpit to tumors, more wonderful is that it will be swept away by embarrassing body odor.

Cosmetic effect: dry, wrinkled, sallow skin especially for white Sue beauty, rich, white skin is white Su who desired whitening of the Gospel.

3, Angelica: for skin moisturizing

Bai Zhiwei fragrant white, one of the ancient beauty of traditional Chinese medicine, to raw materials on the market of cosmetics and beauty products in an endless stream, “original flavor” Angelica, the cosmetic effect more markedly Bai Zhishui decoction on various pathogens in vitro inhibited, and improve microcirculation, promote the metabolism of the skin and delay skin aging.

Cosmetic effect: tender and moist smooth skin, moisturizing face water-like aura.

4, Tribulus terrestris l: give your baby skin

Also known as Tribulus terrestris Tribulus terrestris l, containing a variety of alkaloids and glycosides, such as blood pressure, blood cholesterol-lowering effect, which contained peroxide decomposition enzymes, with remarkable anti-aging effect.

Cosmetic effect: jiufu removing scars on his face, and makes the skin soft and lubricated.

5, Bletilla striata: makes skin smoother

Bletilla is rich in starch, glucose, volatile oil, slime and other topical rub to eliminate traces of acne on your face, make skin smooth and radiant.

Cosmetic effect: moisturizes your skin and make skin smooth as jade.

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