Have the porridge for breakfast, and deficiency of spleen and stomach is not a good appetite

Spleen is often a poor appetite, what to do, how to adjust it? Spleen occurred, recommend eating this gruel can regulate gastrointestinal. The spleen do

Most of the morning was not a good appetite, not suitable for eating fish and meat, a bowl of soft sweet porridge is a very good choice, recommended below purple-Yam porridge, BU Zhong Yi Qi, invigorating the spleen and stomach function, for breakfast to eat for a long time.

Tips  Have the porridge for breakfast, and deficiency of spleen and stomach is not a good appetite 33503253813_8723f2c6f7_o

Purple Yam gruel

Ingredients: fresh Yam 1, purple rice 100 g, 3-5 dates, sugar in moderation.

Practices: purple rice wash clean, add water, soaking for 1-2 hours; Yam, peeled and cut, dates to the nuclear wash; purple rice inside the cooker by stir boiling, use the simmer, Cook until the porridge when, add the yams, red dates and cook for 15 minutes, and season with sugar and serve.

Efficacy: tonifying the spleen and the stomach, promote the benefits of Chinese Yam lung, kidney arrest seminal emission effect. For less food, chronic diarrhea with spleen deficiency, Lung deficiency cough, kidney deficiency nocturnal emission, with, frequency, hot, such as diabetes. The porridge for breakfast on a diet, BU Zhong Yi Qi, invigorating the spleen and stomach, sweating, for deficiency of spleen and stomach and body fatigue, anemia, blood loss, heart palpitations, shortness of food.

Spleen what to eat: recommended diet

1 cooked wheat rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, dry ginger, Jin ZAO meat, cooked chicken. The first three rolling thin baked and cooked, a total of ZAO meat, pound clay, made into small cakes, prepared on the charcoal dry fasting since morning, chew your throat.

2, honey honey steam cooked, to take on an empty stomach before food, two or three times a day, daily use.

3, barley Lotus seeds soup Coix, Lotus seeds and meat (peeled) and crystal sugar in moderation. FRY first semen coicis, following into the Lotus meat, wait for the porridge to add rock sugar, eaten as a breakfast.

4, Yam cake fresh yams, lentils and lentils, dried orange peel, dates of meat. Yam, peeled and cut into thin slices, then date cut up the meat, uniform were steamed puddings, eaten for breakfast, 50~100 grams at a time.

5, caoguo, barley kernels, barley soup and mutton. Lamb slices, and Amomum Tsao-Ko soup, filtered with soup of barley kernels, cooked through, add a pinch of salt, and may also be filtered juice and meat after cooking.

Spleen taboo foods

1, where cold injury tempered the food are forbidden foods, such as bitter gourd, cucumber, melon, eggplant, cabbage, celery, amaranth Levin, wild rice stem and asparagus lettuce, Lily, persimmon, banana, loquat, pears, watermelon, green beans, tofu, oat etc.

2, thick mayonnaise taste greasy, may retard temper food transport functions, such as duck, pork, turtle meat, oysters, meat, milk, sesame seeds, and so on.

3, Li Xiaoji, easily consumed temper food, such as buckwheat; Hawthorn, radish, cilantro, etc.

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