Sweet and sour blueberries, what should we eat and beauty?

Pulp delicate, flavor unique, acid sweet moderate, and has incense cool pleasant of aroma, so, many people are very like Blue Berry of taste, also often will blue Berry as, and, and, of making in the, it not only is rich in general nutrition components, and also contains is rich of yellow ketone class and polysaccharide class compounds, so and was called “Queen” and “Berry of King”.

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Blueberry tart and delicious, nourishing and cancer

Color determines that it contains a lot of Blueberry anthocyanins, anthocyanin is a very important plant water soluble pigment, belonging to the natural anti-aging nutritional supplements, is the man the most effective antioxidant bioactive agents. Very high content of anthocyanins in blueberries and anthocyanin is very rich in species, found that Gao Conglan berries contain anthocyanin compositions up to as much as 15, though different varieties of content of anthocyanins in blueberries are not the same, but content is relatively high. This is the reason why blueberries are anti aging incumbent.

Blueberries contain organic acids, is Blueberry anti-cancer small expert tools. Organic acid content in blueberries accounted for more than half of the total acid content. Most organic acids are citric acid, ursolic acid, quinine and other acids. Need to focus on mentioning ursolic acid, ursolic acid, ursolic acid, is a weak acid pentacyclic triterpene compounds, are a variety of natural products of functional ingredients, with a wide range of biological activities, especially with the prominent role of anti-tumor.

Picking blueberries, white mist as well

Blueberry fruit weighing an average of 0.5~2.5G, maximum 5G, therefore, natural Blueberry is not very large, selection would also like to note that not more blueberries as possible. Picking fruit to select full round, uniform size, sturdy, compact and full of fruit, the epidermis is smooth, dry to the touch, usually without the leaves and stems. Fruits are dark blue-purple and white mist is a good Blueberry, skin color is a measure of Blueberry is a sign of maturity, ripe Blueberry fruit is dark purple and blue and white. Red blueberry often do not mature, but it can be used in dishes. Blueberries can be stored in the refrigerator, but the container must be dry. With a rigid container with a cover, storage of unwashed blueberries, so as to avoid collisions and mildew. Fresh blueberries into the refrigerator, washing before eating. Best eaten in the 10th after buying fresh blueberries.

Here we take a look at how to make Blueberry!

Ingredients: Blueberry 500 g, 250 g


1, wash the blueberries with qingshuiqing, note when cleaning do not rub hard, do not break;

2, the blueberries with the sugar in a saucepan, open low heat stir sugar slowly cooked;

3, slow boil, skim the foam in the Middle, boiling jam thick to the condensation point, sealed into a clean container can be eaten, stored in the refrigerator smell better.

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