Apple peel or carcinogenic!

Apple is a lot of people love to eat fruit, but some people say that eating an Apple skin cancer, can you believe it? Chinese doctors tell you why eat Apple skin cancer!

In order to effectively control pests and diseases, agricultural production in the world, still require the use of pesticides. Many pesticides are insoluble in water, but the wax has a high affinity. Apple’s outermost layer is the waxy layer on the surface, adsorption mechanisms of pesticides in wax, can effectively protect the fruit to avoid disease, pests and fungal infection. Because fat-soluble pesticides efficacy lasting is not easy to be washed, so many farmers are more likely to choose this type of pharmacy. Meanwhile, this pharmacy generally are less into the fruit, which will reduce the amount of residual. So even though Apple Peel contains special nutrients, but it contains more pesticide than flesh.

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It should be said, strictly in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Department of the State use of pesticides, even if there are traces of pesticide residue or harmful to human health. However, China’s agricultural production, excessive misuse of pesticides or use of shoddy pesticide, occurred. And some abuse of shoddy pesticides, may be carcinogenic.

Lipid-soluble pesticides absorbed on waxy, detergent, it is difficult to be cleaned to remove and clean. So Peel to eat, is a safer option. Most fat-soluble pesticides have heavier ingredients, carefully smell, but could be judged. Can be eaten with the skin of the fruit, Apple, PEAR is a large amount of daily consumption. Peel the apples and pears is easy, if you can smell ingredients, of course, should eat Peel.

From the foregoing, Apple pesticide residues on the skin, be careful eating, do you know why Apple have skin cancer?

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