Overweight pregnant women how to lose weight?

Women during pregnancy when eating eating much more than during pregnancy, so weight loss is easy to grow, but being overweight during pregnancy can affect health, overweight pregnant women to lose weight. Maternal diet and recipes were introduced, we might as well take a look at it. Many mothers are pursuing “one person two people up” concept, in the uncontrolled eating during pregnancy, but too much weight gain during pregnancy is not a good thing, may also be a health risk, so pregnancy overweight pregnant women want to lose weight. So how do overweight pregnant women lose weight? Diet of pregnant women how to do it? To explain to you our next, for your reference.

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Overweight pregnant women how to lose weight?

1, eat more fruits

People often say that “pregnant women eat more fruits and baby skin”, this sentence has some truth-the fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, can provide many nutrition for pregnant women and the fetus, partly to help constipation in pregnant women. But fruits also contain a lot of sugar and calories, overeating will enable pregnant women gain weight too fast and even increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

Late in the pregnancy, for example, between reasonable daily amount of fruit is 200~400g, about the size of medium Apple or two, or a medium size Orange 2~3 one. Doctors said that in practice see pregnant women, many people severely overweight often eat fruits, even some pregnant women simply count how much you’re eating fruit, but when there is a problem such as diabetes in pregnant women, until it’s too late.

2, to develop good habits

Studies have shown that pregnant women through lifestyle changes, especially smoking and alcohol consumption, staying up late, too fat or too thin, can effectively reduce the risk of miscarriage. The other hand, a healthy lifestyle, such as regular prenatal, patterns of life, maintaining an optimistic attitude, will contribute to weight control during pregnancy.

3, eat a balanced diet

According to the pagoda, we divided the food into five levels of seven categories: potato Valley (the staple food), fruit category, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products, nuts, oils, etc. Said this is the so-called balance a balance of the seven categories, no more and no less to eat.

Among them, the Valley of potato (the staple food) intake should not be less than the total amount of grains in 1/5. Some expectant mothers to stay in shape and try not to eat food, what would this harm it? said Zhao Yan, the staple food is the body’s main energy source, have to eat.

Late in the pregnancy, for example, generally to guarantee a daily 350~450 grams of staple foods, eat smaller the pregnant women in more than 250 grams. Staples if inadequate intake, appears in the body of ketone bodies, ketone bodies can cross the placenta and affect the child brain development.

4, small meals

Divided into 5-6 meals every day, besides meals 3 times a day, and in the afternoons or a snack before bed can increase, such as fruit, bread, milk and other foods, so you can avoid dinner eating due to hunger, helps weight control during pregnancy. Especially for mothers with high blood sugar, small meals, maintain blood sugar in the normal range.

Some pregnant women in the first trimester morning sickness, be sure to light diet, eat green leafy vegetables, can be adjusted by color, flavor and increased appetite to late pregnancy, especially after the child into a large bowl, increased appetite, doctors advise when to abstemious eating, eat small meals, avoid hunger and a full meal, avoid eating large amounts of food at a time.

5, do aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise has some strength, but the duration of the term, rather than excessive intake of oxygen consumption needs. In aerobic exercise during pregnancy can help to strengthen the heart and lung functions, promote the absorption of oxygen in the body, so the pregnant woman and the fetus has a direct benefit.

In addition, it also can promote the blood circulation, reduce varices during pregnancy, increases muscle strength and or elimination of back pain, low back pain, and enhance physical endurance and preparation for childbirth, may also play into the regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar, excessive weight control.

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