Don’t like cilantro? What a pity!  

About 15% people in the world, “coriander phobia!”

However, coriander such a good thing, if you don’t like to eat, really a pity. Analysis on some common nutrients, parsley lemon is slightly higher in vitamin c than fruit. Meanwhile, dietary fiber, beta carotene and potassium and other trace elements are not low, not too low in nutritional value. The “fragrance” is composed of mannitol, Kwai-OL, pelargonic alcohol and volatile oil substance such as linalool, fusion, and the flavor of these substances, for people who don’t like cilantro is a kind of “torture”, but for people who love eating coriander, and can stimulate the appetite, it is a good thing.

Most Japanese prefer to eat parsley, even become “national hot ingredients,” the first. When the main dishes, cilantro, coriander Tempura udon cuisine, parsley soda. But in my eyes of the traditional people, coriander ingredients is the best. On one hand, as ingredients, does not need to be cooked for a long time, the nutrients able to retain heat, leaving more nutrients, on the high temperature will destroy the coriander aroma substances in, taste is not so “sweet”. Therefore, daily eat parsley, put it in the salad to do an ornament, Cook a good surface put a few slices of meat and soup parsley, solution greasy solution rank, stimulate the appetite, better value.

Parsley root than a little old, it’s that change the eating can be. Near the roots, along with some of the parsley root stems cut into small pieces and fried with carrots, red and green mix, nutrition is poor. Or wash to dry little pickle eating crunchy breakfast porridge or rice is good. Can also use it to smell of seafood, parsley root mash, when Bacon and some chopped parsley root, adjust the taste, smell is not so strong, and will have a special flavor.

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