Apple whether to peel?

Do you eat the Peel? The simple question that has repeatedly appeared in our lives, some people think that Apple Peel, because there is a layer of wax, and think that it is not party to peel that Apple nutrients are above the skin, does not require peeling. Because peeling Apple nutrition would reduce more than half, or just eating more nutritious, that want to peel it? Or not to peel?

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Why should Apple peeler?

Once gave the World Health Organization recommendations: Apple Peel is meaningful, clean Apple doesn’t guarantee removing retained on top of skin bacteria or chemicals, so before Apple peeler is a must. Especially for our country, in recent decades, China’s food production in the use of chemical pesticides is increasing, with some evidence that some usage amount far exceeds the recommended amount. Increasing fruit and vegetable pesticide residues on the surface of these pesticide residues on the surface of a greater degree of impact on human health.

If we overestimate the nutrition of Apple?

Most people think that Apple is very rich in nutrients, including some people peeled apples, they still think it’s a pity, so cutting off nutrient-rich skin feeling a little uneasy. But in fact Apple nutrition really as high as you think it? Apple skin and Apple meat of nutrition components has obviously different, former has more of water not dissolved sex dietary fiber, and vitamin and the minerals, but dietary fiber of intake is not more more more good, it will brings gastrointestinal road of does not apply sense, also will reduced minerals, nutrition material of absorption, and from Digest absorption rate consider, Peel in the of vitamin and minerals of overall quality does not too high.

To sum up, Peel the Apple Peel not has little effect on nutrient losses and, but for safety it is good when peeled.

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