Fire season to eat this fruit drop of fire!

Fruit is that we have to eat every day, eat a certain amount of fruit to give our body a rich variety of vitamins, in addition to some fruits can give our bodies lowered into the fire. What fruit can bring fire, detoxification of the body? Now we take a look at it!

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How eating these fruits can give the body lowered into the fire, Oh!

First of all a good detoxification effect of fruit is orange. Orange is a calm and cool a fruit. In the pulp of oranges also contain good amounts of vitamin c as well as acid, acid substances. Heat-clearing and detoxifying, or phlegm reducing gas. Orange itself odour can also help relieve the tension, and so on. Of course this fruit weight loss effects, so for women that are part of Orange is very hot beauty market. Some beauty girl friend or smarter to use orange to apply mask, whitening effect is also very good. But it is a good thing also cannot eat, orange is the same. Invigorating the spleen and wheting Orange can help people, but eating too much liver, because the process contains some substances will hinder the body’s absorption of iron, so are less likely to eat for anemia patients, I hope that everyone will know what this taboo.

Second is the favorite fruits – Sydney. Sydney is a nutrient-rich fruit. It is also found in the flesh of a large amount of Malic acid and citric acid and vitamin substances and so on. Town of hot blood and heat can be cool, nourishing yin and cooling effect. For some hot summer disease, effective soothing food later. But for some wind, cold, cough and phlegm is diet. The average adult should eat no more than three a day. For children, there should be no more than two in Sydney.

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