Carambola is the simplest n eat

Carambola is a nice and delicious fruit, sweet and sour taste and crisp, the most common way of eating was scoured directly eat. But like many fruits as carambola, also has a variety of different ways, put it another way, a different mood.

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Slices directly

Carambola is the most common way of eating. Clean star fruit, then cut off with a knife on the corner of hard-edged, attention need only cut off a thin hard edges without cutting off whole water chestnuts all and five-pointed star with a knife cut it into thin slices, you can eat. If you feel too dry or too sour carambola, stained with some sugar, makes Carambola more palatable.

Candied starfruit

Practice: the fresh Carambola 100 g sugar 50 g. Carambola is washed with water, then cut with a paring knife, swing into the plate, scatter the sugar evenly on the fruit, marinated ready to eat in 30 minutes. Eating this way and don’t have to worry about star fruit is too tart was too sore and cause discomfort. Also has a cool water effect, applies to hurt summer wetness caused by diarrhea.

Pickled Carambola

Practice: the get fresh starfruit, 1 red vinegar 50 ml. Star fruit rinse, after splitting with a fruit knife, place the fresh fruit Cup, and Red vinegar for 10 minutes, then pour out the vinegar, you can eat star fruit. Don’t think of brewed vinegar will more acidic, actually brewed star fruit is very tasty, and digestion and effect, can be used to treat indigestion, conditions such as chest tightness, abdominal distension.

Star fruit juice drink

Fresh starfruit or directly juice, fresh Yang Tao 3, washed with water, used a fruit knife to cut into the flesh, and twisted and pounded sauce, pour one cup of fruit juice, it is appropriate to add some water and drink with sugar. Sweet and sour star fruit juice with clearing heat and expelling wind and for relieving pain, reducing the effectiveness, suitable for joint swelling and pain of patients with drink.

Star fruit tea

Use sugaring method, the star fruit, pickled and stored and placed in sealed cans sealed for a week. The Carambola slices of marinated, raw juice by adding water to a boil, dry and set aside. When I need a cup of tea, the tea soaked in water, joined the star fruit slices, the number depending on their taste, so there will be a combination of black tea and star fruit intense aroma, very special.

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