Eat fruit like that can eat the skin, Oh!

Fruits can help our body is rich in vitamins, fruit will eat every day, then how in the seasonal fruit to eat will be more effective? Fruit to eat can make the skin dryness? Fruit skin is no longer dry, can also become more white. Look good skin how to eat out!

Nutrition  Eat fruit like that can eat the skin, Oh! 33407622444_ee64815258_o

How eating fruit skin better?


Strawberries are berries, sugar content of up to 6%-10%, and contains a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, can enhance skin elasticity, with intelligent whitening and moisturizing effect.


Pineapples belong, its rich in vitamins are not only able to soften facial discoloration, skin moisturizing, transparent, it effectively to remove skin, promote the metabolism, skin health.


Tasty sweet and sour cherry color is bright and clean, the ancient fruit, cherry juice helped face ruddy skin whitening, wrinkle clear spot. Iron-rich cherry, hectogram is the same amount of iron in fresh meat 13 times, 20 times, first in the content of all kinds of fruits.


Grapes the most skin is the effect of grape seed. With superior antioxidant capacity in grape seeds, vitamin e 50 times, retard the aging process and maintain skin health, prevent skin from UV attack prevention of atherosclerosis, also called skin vitamins, vitamin c 20 times. Grapes contain an active substance, can help skin absorb better water quality, promote the skin blood circulation, so that cells hydrated, skin hydrating fruit is the best.

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