Eat fruit like that can help you slim down Oh!

Summer is on the way, many women chose not to eat for dinner or eat fruits to lose weight. We all know that fruit is nutritious, rich in vitamin e, helps to keep in shape. What fruit can help you lose weight? Here look at what to eat fruits to lose weight!


Tomatoes made almost entirely by water, eats her belly, and low in calories (30 calories per 200 grams), used to lose weight is appropriate. Tomato in addition to vitamin c had no other nutrients, is so the best tomato diet: breakfast lunch with normal diet and nutrition, averaging about 600 calories per meal; tomatoes for dinner instead. So relaxed you can daily calories around 1400.


This is a fate worse than death law has been hailed as the most effective diet to lose weight, but very few successful people. 3rd only fresh apples, raw food, barbecue, juice, soup with respect, an unlimited number, 3 to 5 kilos is the 3rd May. Note: pay attention to every 7th edible 2nd time also cannot eat more than 3rd, otherwise subject to malnutrition or anorexia. 3rd and porridge or vegetable, such as body to adapt to a normal diet could only be commenced!


Bananas contain dietary fiber, can stimulate the stomach peristalsis will not only soften the excretion when open. Nutritionists pointed out that if you eat nothing, eat only banana dip, heat is far lower than the meal, naturally slim down. But such rapid weight loss, often because the body also does not make the adjustment. If a long-term lack of proteins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs, and slowly you will perceive mental bad, resistance is weakening, the body issued a danger alert, and beware of the police caution.

4. grapefruit

Rich in vitamin c, sugar is not too high, if you eat a grapefruit to replace a meal, naturally low in calories. If calories are controlled in other meals, a time will be lower, because may stand on an empty stomach acidity, causing stomach pain. Grapefruit for large size, compared with some oranges, small fruits, and may not necessarily low in calories, and if eating is not so good for your health.


Kiwi fruit rich in vitamin c, won’t let it get worse when you can lose weight, but also very rich in fiber, can prevent constipation. Is focused on the the kiwifruit fruit all year round, eating is not afraid to eat less.

6. pineapple

Pineapple has a very strong protein decomposition enzymes helps protein digestion. But not before dinner, will rot your stomach. And since the very sweet fruit, so don’t overdo it.

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