Melons can be taken on an empty stomach it?

As the weather is getting hot, all kinds of fruit and began listing, such as cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is high in nutritional value, which contains a variety of minerals, aromatic substances, vitamins, sugar, contains Malic acid, glucose, amino acids, sugar beets, tomato, rich in nutrients such as vitamin c, infectious high fever, thirst, have a very good effect, eat cantaloupe can also promote the endocrine and hemopoietic mechanisms have some medicinal value. Chinese medicine recognized melons have “summer heat, and polydipsia, diuresis” significant effects.

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Cantaloupe try not to eat on an empty stomach, and in the 1-2 hours after a meal is eaten. Because more water in a cantaloupe, gastric juice on an empty stomach is easy to dilute gastric juice diluted acid reflux after less, so easy to cause indigestion, loss of appetite, can also affect the gastrointestinal tract motility.

Moreover, the cantaloupe is a cool, cold, especially after a frozen cooling cantaloupe, is cool, the intestinal wall is thin, if taken on an empty stomach, more directly stimulate the intestines and cause discomfort. So, even after meals, chilled melon in the fridge should take about 10 minutes in advance to warm to avoid the stomach too stimulating, and eating should not be excessive. Also, try not to eat melons before you sleep at night or other fruits, or fill the stomach will make you sleep is affected.

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