Cucumber vegetable fruit but also eat too much

Cucumbers make up called “cucumber”, it was introduced because it is Western Han dynasty from the Western region. Li said, “kind of Zhang Qian to the western regions, hence the name cucumber. “Cucumber water content of 96%~98%, which not only crisp and fragrant, delicious, and nutritious.


Cucumber is just lifts the vegetables, known as “Kitchen Cosmetics”, regular consumption of or on your skin effectively against skin aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent Cheilitis, angular Cheilitis. Cucumber is a good weight-loss products. People who want to lose weight should eat cucumbers, but remember, be sure to eat fresh cucumbers instead of pickled cucumbers, pickled cucumber salt will cause weight gain. Cucumbers have a hypoglycemic effect, for people with diabetes, vegetables and fruit of cucumber is the best food. Bitterness in cucumber known as an anti-cancer effect. Compendium of Materia Medica records, cucumbers are heat, thirst, water, the effect of detumescence.

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Suitable for:

Edible in the general population. Is diabetes humanitarian one of selected foods.


Day 1 (100 g).


When the fruit is eaten raw cucumber, not too much. Cucumber fewer vitamins, they often eat cucumbers should also have some other fruits and vegetables. Tail contains more elements of bitter cucumber, don’t put “cucumber head” all lost. Liver disease, cardiovascular disease, Gastroenterology, and high blood pressure people to eat pickles. Spleen, abdominal pain, diarrhea, Lung cold cough should eat less.

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