Yogurt drink breast enhancement?

Do you like yogurt? For the yogurt: how much do you know about? Especially the girls are like drinking sour milk, yogurt drink in order to lose weight and to this breast enhancement.

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Yogurt fruit Cup

Yogurt is not how many don’t get fat

Which itself contains a certain amount of heat, if the original diet based on eating an extra, can also cause weight gain. The best way is to select marked skim and low-calorie yogurt, although they taste less rich and mellow than the full-fat yogurt, but low in calories and does not make heat quick accumulation of fat in the body. Green Papaya first breast good fruit since ancient times, Kelly Lin, Yuki are eating it to breast enhancement. Because rich papaya enzyme and vitamin a stimulates the secretion of female hormones, breast, papaya enzyme can also break down proteins, promoting the body’s absorption of protein, with a meat-eating, the best result.

Three types of yogurt drink both diet and breast enhancement:

1 yoghurt + practice + a green papaya milk 150 ml sugar-free yogurt, practice mix two teaspoons of milk, stir and pour into green papaya juice. Instant, frozen in refrigerator, taste better.

2 practice milk yogurt + meals a day with 150 ml of yogurt before, practice mix two teaspoons of milk, stir and serve.

3 chest massage milk + yogurt + practice deployment of Chennai can some every night after bathing, be applied to the chest, clockwise counterclockwise alternating massages. A minimum of 15 minutes, with chest fever as well.

Yogurt weight loss diet

1 breakfast: eating an egg or a cup of yogurt

Note that it is not an egg and a cup of yogurt, but only eat an egg or a cup of yogurt, yogurt, not too sweet, and can make the best. You can buy a yogurt machine, yogurt, eat eggs and yogurt for a day will never get bored.

2 lunch: into pieces that can be eaten, not to eat

Noon lunch to choose carefully, only to eat, such as steamed buns, rolls, vegetarian pie bun dough, such as food, chickens, ducks and geese all white meats such as fish and vegetables;

Not eat rice noodles, dumplings, beef, pork, red meat, fried foods, nuts.

Tip: lunch can be eaten, but not too full.

3 dinner: eat a bit of fruit.

Only eat fruit for dinner, and not all fruits can be eaten, choose to eat, such as PEAR, strawberries, grapefruit, papaya, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, do not eat: watermelon, bananas, looks no good.

Dinner key point: not eating anything after six points.

Must not eat after 6, must endure, or your weight loss will be a lot worse. 6 after eating, heat is not likely to be consumed easily accumulate fat, affect weight loss.

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