Eating dates a month this way

Almost everyone knows eating jujube can beauty regimen, but few stick. So small today to talk with you, dates effect which, in our daily life if you keep eat three dates a day, then a month later what it would become.

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Dates and white fungus with papaya in syrup

Date what are the effects of

1 red shiny

In fact, for many people the city people, usually not many small problems, the most prominent feature is the reshape tarnished. Stick to three dates a day, after so long, you will find yourself in good health has improved markedly, and Ruddy complexion became shiny.

This is mainly because in dates contain more vitamin c because of its whitening, fade effect. So long stick to date allows sufficient blood content, and improved immunity, so people will be more healthy.

2 uterine health

For women is a very important organ of the uterus, but a lot of women because they live in does not note for the maintenance of the uterus, which would house the cold there. While women once cold, most notable performances are menstrual irregularities, there was menstrual cramps.

For the purposes of this part of the crowd, you should stick to dates in ordinary life, for the maintenance of the uterus has a very good effect. First is the date belongs to the hot food, so eating it can chill the body removal, to a warm House, and menstruating women lost more blood, and eating dates can help women achieve the effect of blood, so if you want to tone the uterus of women, so they live must pay attention to eating dates.

3 liver Detox

Eating dates also can be effective on a liver Detox, the best method is to soak it in water, then drink the soup can, and after research proved, long drink date water can increase serum protein levels in the body, so there will be a liver detoxification effect.

But when you put them in water consumption, it needs your attention, that is sure to put the jujube Peel, because jujube skin is thick, Peel its skin off if you do not, the dates of nutrients cannot be fully released, so you will have dates of water had no effect.

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