Eat can’t get fat from eating a mouthful of fat

The saying goes, “eat no fat”, but a bite can add up, fat man could eat out. From weight gain to the obese tend to experience a relatively long period of time, this change will establish on the basis of the energy intake is greater than consumption, but the gap is not necessarily great.

China disease prevention control center nutrition and security where national eight a province for of a items research found, in meet human day total energy needs zhiwai, daily again more intake little energy, as equivalent to rice 40 grams, and dumplings 25 grams (about 2 only), and cooking oil 5 grams, cumulative up, one years about can increased 1 kg weight, 10, and 20 years down, a weight in normal range within of health people on can into obesity patients.

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Therefore, prevention of overweight to start from the control of daily food intake, eating less “one or two”. Reduce energy intake per day, adhere to for a long time it is possible to control the trend of weight gain. The other hand, it should also increase energy activities to maintain energy balance.

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