Weight loss food incredible weight loss results

Many girls thought you want to lose weight you have to eat less and even hunger strikes, to exercise and sweat. In fact, not so hard to lose weight. Eating can also thin. This is not a joke! certain foods can help burn calories and suppress appetite, thereby contributing to weight loss.

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1. yogurt

Natural acid contain milk sugar, proteins, fats, can stabilize blood sugar levels, so very filling. Studies show that people who are low-calorie diet, recipes include yogurt, and compared to similar plan without the yogurt to the diet of people, lose 61% more body fat, lose belly fat to high 81%. Use low-fat plain yogurt in place of chicken or potato salad with mayonnaise, or put a little yogurt on the baked potato and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice. In this way, each spoon can save 4.7g fat.

2. sardines

Rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, can keep the body muscle mass. And low mercury, high calcium let the baby fish are suitable for pregnant women to eat. If you don’t like the taste of the fish, then soak in milk for an hour, it did without any smell. All raw diet containing anchovies, sardines anchovies can be used instead. Or whole sardines with onions, fresh spices and chopped bell peppers mixed, placed on the rough this onslaught, or black bread, add a slice of cheese Bake and eat.

3. egg

Eggs, egg yolks, eggs, no harm to the heart, and can help you lose weight. Study: low-calorie diet, Secretary breakfast eating egg fruit frozen woman lose weight is to eat the same amount of calories a bagel women lose twice. Proteins produce a sense of satiety, so next time less likely to feel hungry, eat less. Scrambled eggs and omelets are the best choice, but if you don’t have time to do it before work, Sunday roast some vegetables with meat egg rolls bread, sliced, frozen, can eat this next week.

4. cereals

Oatmeal is the best way to give people a sense of satiety foods, and unlike other carbohydrates, even Instant Oatmeal absorbs slowly, so very little effect on blood sugar. Each oatmeal particles containing 5G cellulose, is one of the most satiety. Speed-cooked cereal fiber content is 3 to 4g per share. Use oatmeal instead of the crumbs in meatloaf on it. But is also the most recommended oatmeal, porridge you can add any of your own favorite foods, even the beef balls, this healthy breakfast must be irresistible.

5. beef steak

Beef “diet saboteurs,” said, but the fact that eating beef is conducive to weight loss. Research shows that when women dieting, eating the same number of calories contained in the food-red meat (beef and mutton) than does not contain the weight reduction. Steak in diet, the protein helps maintain muscle mass. Give you a suggestion: try to eat local organic beef, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Grilled 4 oz Sirloin beef tendon or of the component, and cut into thin slices, on top of the salad, or mixtures of vegetables to eat, taste is also very good.

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