How diet increase the memory for

We know that the human body under normal circumstances, blood alkaline if after excessive brain or physical strength overdraft, then the blood is acidic; if long-term partial eclipse of acidic foods, also makes the blood acidic. While the blood is acid for a long time may cause the brain and neurological degradation, leading to memory loss. ‘S what time is eating alkaline foods, eat acidic foods.

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Kelp and bean curd soup

In General, chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus-containing foods are acidic foods, such as rice, flour, meat, fish, eggs, peanuts, sugar, beer, eat also acidify the blood; Conversely, foods that contain sodium, calcium, and magnesium is an alkaline food, such as vegetables, fruits, milk, tea, beans, seaweed, and so on.

Seaweed, fruits and beans best

Kelp contains alkaline maximum, fruits and legumes. Sane person (like the exam students, shirouzu), you should eat kelp. Popular food, advocate of natural foods, of course, are all right, but don’t insist on eating natural foods, avoid too much.

Gastrodia ELATA BL, Panax ginseng can occasionally take

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, currently the gastrodia ELATA BL, Panax ginseng is known to enhance learning and memory, improve learning disabilities have considerable utility, both can complement each other’s work. In addition, edible essential busui walnut, Sesame can fill the marrow puzzle, honey can strengthen and increase learning ability considered current function of Chinese Yam-Chi and God, or regular consumption.

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