Experts recommend not drinking the first glass of water with it

Now, a lot of families and flats will prepare some disposable cups, to the guests, one with one, throw out, both health and convenience. In this regard, the experts advise, do not use disposable paper cups to drink hot water.

In order to prevent water penetration, disposable cups on the inner walls are usually covered with a thin layer of wax. Wax will melt heat is, under normal circumstances, if the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees centigrade, the wax will melt. Therefore, disposable cups used to hold the best cold drink, and do not install more than 40 ℃ hot water.

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General paper cups used in the formal production of food-grade coating for inner wall of wax paper cups, so even water dissolves the wax on the paper cups, there is no security problem. Now, however, many illegal factories used lower-cost industrial paraffin to make wall paper Cup coated industrial waxes contain harmful benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other substances, harmful to the nervous and hematopoietic systems of the human body. If you frequently use poor quality disposable cups to drink boiled water, harmful substances will take part in industrial wax.

Experts suggest that buying disposable cups with caution, use disposable paper cups, water it is best not to drink the first Cup, the best four or five minutes after the water drained, make paper cup full evaporation of harmful substances.

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