Women should pay attention to food combinations

About food, women are able to understand some common-sense things, such as what to eat and whitening, which eat the fat, which eats sediment pigment long spot … … However on how to mix and may not know well. In fact, some foods an individual does not have any nutritional shortcomings, but when paired with other foods, may play no small “disfigurement” effect.

Classifications and food, there is a Division is, divide the food into intensive and non-intensive foods. In addition to fruits and vegetables is not a dense foods, other foods, such as meat, milk and cereals belong to intensive food.

Food pairing within only method is that we are in the same meal can be combined with vegetables in a concentrated food eating. Like tofu in protein and starch quality of cake are dense foods, eating must be fat.

Whatever the taste of chocolate is a high calorie, high sugar, high fat foods, should not at the same time matching high sugar drinks such as soda or fruit juice. Eating chocolate and a cup of hot tea is a good choice, tea can absorb the oil in the chocolate, reduce the chance of indigestion.

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