Give the man eight life advice

Many male friends don’t pay attention to health care, once the sick mind. Over time, would cause great harm to health. Modern men daily care should therefore comply with the doctor’s advice.

Live Healthy  Give the man eight life advice 33115878452_6256d8efcb_o Give the man eight life advice

Chest pain should go check

Do physical work or exercise, some male chest pain occurs, under normal circumstances, chest pain and a short rest stop, but it should be vigilant, this could be an early symptom, health advice and check the best went to the hospital.

Pay attention to hidden testicular cancer

20-to 40-year old man suffering from tumors, testicular cancer is one of them. If caught early, the cure rate of the disease 85%. Male sex organs usually should be regular self-examination, preferably in a warm water bath, if found on the skin bulging packets should immediately go to hospital for checks.

T was seriously ill to the hospital

Too many men to see a doctor in trouble, according to the statistics, 80% ill patients admitted that himself is due to long-term medical treatment, so that small errors into illness, missed the best opportunity. Routine annual physical examination is the best way to stay healthy.

Try to eat less fat and fried food

Men’s tastes are generally heavier, love to eat greasy and fried foods, so easily increase the risk of developing vascular disease. Therefore, you should eat some light food, eat more vegetable oil and eat animal fat, usually eat a lot of garlic and fish, moderate drinking some red wine, can reduce cholesterol levels.

Don’t smoke the best

Smoking increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the respiratory organs. Want to have the best quit smoking health, temporarily give up should be eating carrots, bell pepper, onion, garlic, spinach and fruit, often drink tea

Concerned about their body moles

Body of no more moles, or bleeding, Mole itself is not in any danger. Often conscious of their moles have anomalies, and avoid the serious consequences of mole malignant transformation.

Maintain a certain physical activity

Modern man less and less physical activity, increased fat crowd, extra weight be a great burden on the heart and joints. Therefore, men had better walk, often take part in physical exercise.

Is important to understand family history

According to modern medicine confirms that many pathology with its hereditary. So men should know their family medical history, be aware of timely preventive and routine care in a targeted manner.

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