Pain of fever-reducing medicine to make you avoid medication

Cold weather change, causing sudden increase in the number of colds and fevers, medication suffered martyrdom, here recommend several cases of fever-reducing medicine, you can be drinking expectant, there may be unexpected results.

Sugarcane: in the main gas and help temper, Lee e, xiaotan thirst, with the exception of hot, stop vomiting.

Water chestnut: heat, thirst, appetite, pure food, expectorant, Yiqi, improve eyesight.

Sugarcane juice and water chestnuts and Cook, eat Yin juice water chestnuts. Clearing heat and thirst, thirsty tongue for fever, or measles late break fluid dry mouth lips red, restless and so on.

Sterculia lychnophora: Lung, lung, laxative.

Sterculia and honey soaked clothing. Heat-clearing and disinhibiting. Yu Fengre sore throat, hoarse and so on.

Chrysanthemum: dispelling wind and heat, eyesight, detoxification, liver-Yang.

Advises the chrysanthemum tea, add sugar frequency clothing. Heat-clearing and detoxifying, fever headache, thirst, eyes red and so on.

Watermelon skin treat sudden sprain in the lumbar region, and mouth sores.

Watermelon rind boiled water, add sugar and cool clothes. Fire reducing heat and used less urine yellow high fever, thirst, irritable.

Carrot: main gas fill, and stomach, a health food, good and not evil.

Carrots in water service. Children unabated.

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