Girls skinny fastest most effective?

1th: Chair leg fat

1, feet toes straight, lift the legs until the thighs in a straight line, stretch ankle. Hold for 10 seconds down to 1 and 10 in each group.

2, the back straight (secure on the back of the Chair), single leg up slowly, his hands in front of the shins and gently hugged the knees. Note If the knee diseases, must not be too hard. Put down the leg, repeat the actions above for another leg.

3, direction of the toes to the heel bend (best taking off Socks), and would like to pick up things on their toes. Then relax your toes, and toes are stretched. Feet 10 times each. (This action can enhance the blood circulation in feet and legs. )

4, relaxed thigh, fisting his hands gently from the hip, thigh, knee to ankle to beat (the blood circulation in the legs, be sure to order according to the position).

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2nd move: leg swelling rapidly method

Raise your legs as much as possible, keep 2-3 minutes. Or massage the following parts:

1, knees, legs bent, massage at the folds on the inside of the knee;

2, calves, and hands to medial leg massage Center and four refers to the back side of the leg below the knee;

3, ankle, ankle massage above the ankle bone on the inside, where approximately two finger widths; Alternate foot bath with warm water and cold water is also a good idea.

3rd: food swelling reserves

To learn how to take care of your calf, sport is part of life, good living habits is the fundamental way to prevent swelling. In addition to sports, you also need to pay attention to the following eating habits:

1, drink plenty of water, 2~3 liters a day. Attention rather than drink the water.

2, helps smooth out of the water and food intake, such as squash, watermelon, red beans, black beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, kelp, sea algae and other natural foods have a diuretic effect.

3, eat food to promote blood circulation, such as pepper, garlic, ginger, scallions, onions, etc.

4, not excessive intake of foods high in salt or sugar. Eat too much salt can lead to poor water metabolism, causing swelling, it is best to develop a habit of eating bland foods and excessive intake of sweets, can increase moisture in the body, resulting in swelling of the body. Office women, sitting a long or long standing, combined with the effect of gravity, leg blood and lymphatic system activity will slow down, poor metabolism, even leg muscle, contractility and other phenomena, from the appearance of the leg will appear thicker or swelling.

4th: high heels when so many times

Note to minimize the time and frequency of wearing high heels. Because high heels will make the Achilles tendon strain, stiffness, poor leg blood flow, resulting in a puffy ankles, calves. If you can be the best in the Office will be replaced by high heels.

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