Dampness also needed to invigorate the spleen needs Astragalus Poria cocos

Dampness in summer, don’t just use the dampness of the herbs, you can use herbs stew of jianpi Yiqi, the effect will be better.

Topic: glabra radix astragali pig bone soup

Ingredients: pork spine 500 g, 50 g, Astragalus Poria cocos 30 g, salt amount


1. wash the Ling ling, Huang Qi;

2. wash the pig spines, chopping blocks, flying water for later use;

3. put all ingredients together in a pot, add water, fire, after boiling, simmer 1-2 hour, seasoning with salt.

This decoction in spleen Qi, water swelling dehumidification.

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, Dampness required spleen glabra needs of astragalus membranaceus

Face oils and body feeling heavy, drowsy, do weakness, often with sputum and less cough, obesity, edema, and so on, which all belong to the body has the symptoms of wet, we need to remove wet.

Speaking from the TCM, spleen, and transport of the body of water, so the primary method is wet and invigorating the spleen. Therefore, strengthening the spleen, removing wet as if they were twins, preferably a two-pronged approach.

Today introduced “Astragalus Poria pig bone soup” mix, is to follow this principle. Astragalus warm sweet, invigorating Qi and consolidation of superficies, diuretic myogenic and other effects, can be used for disease such as weakness, sweating, swelling due to Qi deficiency and smilax glabra detoxification dehumidification, joints, pain can help regulate muscle tonic-clonic, athlete’s foot, scabies, etc. Both mix broth, can play to the effect of strengthening the spleen and supplementing Qi and damp.

Second, summer spleen good condition good

Chinese saying “the spleen is the activity of the day after tomorrow”, spleen is not good, poor appetite, eating a poor diet, drugs not be absorbed, how about heart, kidney? Therefore, constantly protecting spleen and stomach in the day after tomorrow, constantly giving it sustenance. Some young women in pursuit of slim, skinny beauty, weight loss, hurt his spleen, leading to kidney and even pregnancy difficulties, this is a classic example of not protecting spleen and stomach.

Aside from today’s featured match, in fact can also be used with tonifying Qi and invigorating spleen effects FICI hirtae and qushi barley or lentil mix stews.

Water corresponds to kidney, such as lumbar debility, oedema, urinary frequency, memory loss, susceptibility to cold, when large amounts of hair loss and other symptoms for no reason, you need kidneys.

Time most kidney: renal weakest 5~7 time: 23~1 severe kidney keywords: reservoir

Local foam hands, feet with hot water before going to bed, will not only promote the peripheral circulation, also helps sleep function.

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