Best way to control white hair

A reader asks, over 40 years began to have white hair and wanted to know why, is there any way. To be honest, over 40 long white hair now too late, a lot of people more than 20 years old, one of the reasons is that now your problem is too heavy, and your problem is yin, body hair, and in medicine the scope of yin, Yin when hair is inescapable. More severe toil, Yin, the greater the more severe, the so-called juvenile white people, are both great toil.

Live Healthy  Best way to control white hair 32100751341_6da1c2afce_o Best way to control white hair

And compared to our ancestors, each have a high degree of people’s lives, if not with their brains, but due to pressure, heart is a must, and one of the reasons it is now easy to get angry. In that case, to prevent grey hair early approach was to relax, don’t worry. But it is hard to do, bother even now people’s way of life, as a result, drugs for treatment of white-haired little wonders, because most people are eating medicines, side pains, heart, hurt yin, also offset the effects.

Most drugs for treatment of hair we have already heard, like black sesame, Radix polygoni multiflori, Radix rehmanniae, drugs are kidney yin, Yin is the Foundation of the body, so even if the premium is also not available, slower than Qi work, so often requires long dress. Fleece-flower root note must be hot, raw fleece-flower root is toxic, especially when eating with special attention for a long time. The best way is to use black sesame seeds, medlar, mulberry the more Yin foods, long-term eating, eat, and relax. Another afterthought is that prevent gray hair best hair before the advent of has appeared to take the medicine or food, slow the speed and number of white hairs appear at best.

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