Orange beauty how to eat oranges not lit?

Hot orange is the ideal choice. 1-2 oranges are first washed in 40 ℃-50 ℃ soak in warm water for about 1 minute. Then dry oranges to the skin without water in the microwave, heat 1-2 minutes until slightly brown. Orange peels in the volatile oil and hesperidin, b vitamins, vitamin c, and so on, it can penetrate into the Orange to to achieve a cosmetic effect, and not to get angry.

Orange Peel is also known as “orange peel” is a commonly used herbs. It contains essential oil, gut has a mild stimulating effect, helps digestive juice secretion, increased appetite, and stomach, spleen effects. In addition, the orange peel along with cough, phlegm, dampness effects.

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Following two orange peel to eat:

Orange peel porridge. When the boiled rice porridge, in the water before clean into several small pieces of orange peel. Cook porridge not only aromatic and delicious, and the special appetizer, bloating or someone who is coughing phlegm, a good therapeutic effect.

Orange vegetable. Collect fresh orange peel, rinse, soak in water for 2 days, then cut into julienne, then sugar and marinate for 20 days, it becomes a very tasty side dish. Not only is sweet and refreshing, but also have a hangover effect.

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