Winter women will eat nourishing both Qi and blood sample

Yam, Pearl barley, euryale is nourishing the blood sample, in the Shen Nong’s herbal classic, is revered as the first grade. “Where the top grade of medicine, method suitable for long suits, with grain dependent draws strength and longevity test.”

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Women’s all-round tonic in winter Guide

. Yam: Yam ganping, fill both Qi and yin, Qi without obstructing delay fire, Yin tonic rather than wet sick of HIV/AIDS, to fill the air with the most gentle product has always been widely praised was the physician, compendium of Materia Medica cloud: tonifying Qi, invigorating the spleen and stomach, dysentery, resolving phlegm and saliva, moistening the skin relief. Zhang jingyue of book clouds: Yam deficiency of spleen, nourishing the seminal kidney, treatment of deficiency of the hundred losses, therapy wulaoqishang … …. The drug cloud: Yam warming rather than sudden, slightly fragrant but not dry, and follow through with regulating lung power, chronic cough treat lung deficiency, surely.

Most famous physicians in Qing dynasty by Zhang XI-Chun to the drug is applauded in the monograph of the medicine of the medicine of the West has produced in the recording with a large dose of raw Yam, has treated many such as asthma-stricken, sliding purging excesses such as critical. His words: “Yam, nourishing and dampness, can be smooth or astringent. Is based on the lungs, kidney, spleen and stomach and fill … … No better product in the tonic medicine, features peace, more clothing uniforms or the ears. ”
Chinese Yam varieties, huaiqing Prefecture of Henan province quality. So usually Yam is also called Hoai Son (or Yam). Normally dry medicinal slices. Pharmacies have things like yams and Yam in two ways. Recommends using dried yams well.

2. seed: If you feel your body with moisture, such as effusion, edema, eczema and abscesses and so on and the water-related issues, job’s tears is the best helper for you.

Seed efficiency lies in strengthening the spleen to wet, strengthening the spleen and tonifying the lung, dampness and phlegm. This product can also be used to treat lung cancer lung paralysis syndrome of lung heat. And yams, but complement each other, complementary deficiency. “Yam, barley is clear of tonifying the spleen and lung drug, yams, long lost in the sticky seed alone, long lost in the light permeability, but equal parts and is a long take no harm. “Modern physician reports, two drugs with 50 grams each, daily who has obvious curative effect on ascites due to cirrhosis. Why should we wait for seriously ill so go eat porridge? weekday powder is about both who is dressed, wouldn’t it be wise to, and this porridge is delicious, and never get tired of eating. Or some say, porridge with medicinal and sour drink, I’m afraid is your choice of materials of poor quality. Due to the different varieties, some yams are slightly sour, but it in no way affects delicious to eat porridge.

3. Fox: front Yam seed like takes up the words of praise, but Fox, more unusual wonderful place. If you are a “syndrome” and “fail”, the Gorgon is a big and strong hands, hold you. Not let your blood go to drain.

Yam, Pearl barley, Gorgon is the brother of tongqixiangqiu, is strengthening the spleen and stomach on Earth. But when the emphasis on Yam can make up the five internal organs, spleen, lung, kidney, and supplementing Qi and nourishing Yin. Both sore and convergence of power. Barley, spleen and clearing lung, diuresis, and the stomach, fill in the Qing dynasty, is noted for its damp. Euryale ferox, strengthening the spleen and invigorating the kidney, antidiarrheal Zhiyi, one of the most solid off convergence. Three powder medicine who then add dates, to treat anemia, and effect is significant.

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