Apple Peel skin detoxification don’t they throw away celery leaves

Does not know the ingredients characteristic of an average family, often because of inertia or do not know what to use and discard some beautiful enough ingredients, including the leaves, stems and skins of vegetables, and so on. In fact, vegetable and fruit growing are justified, including shaving off skin, remove the leaves, roots and stems are nutritious.

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Don’t lose skin antioxidant good magic weapon

Like home cooking, often cutting off the skin of fruits and vegetables, such as carrot, burdock, Apple or tomato. The outer skin of the plant closest to the Sun, and synthesis of UV-resistant material quality, is also usually part of the strongest antioxidant capacity, as long as the cleaning, you should try to use.

Apple, tomato skin

Rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber, favors lipid. Apple Peel was listed as natural skin care foods, mainly because Apple Jie skin pigment in the skin, protects the skin from UV damage. In addition, lycopene from tomato skin can resist UV and skin cells that produce the pigment melanin.

Grape skin

Grape skins contain blue-and-white more than flesh, has a protective role of micro-vascular, anti-inflammatory, it is recommended that wash, his flesh, together with seeds into juice, complete nutrition.

Turnip Peel

Radishes are rich in sulforaphane, cruciferous vegetables, one of the most healthful compounds, can improve the body’s immune mechanisms induced by the activity of detoxifying enzymes in the liver, can protect the skin from UV damage.

Turnip Peel cool acrid-sweet flavour, heat water, boiling water juice drink, can relieve hot flashes of menopause symptoms.

Use the leaves, take vitamin a

Leaves of some fruits and vegetables taste bitter, often simply discarded, such as celery, white radish, etc. Turnip greens and celery leaves are rich in beta carotene, is a good source of antioxidants, absorbed by the human body can be converted to vitamin a, on the skin and eye health are essential nutrients.

White radish leaf

Folk proverbs “winter to eat carrots, summer ginger” eating too much hot food in winter, likely to cause physical heat, white radish leaves heat fluid, improve bowel movement.

Celery leaves

Cool, in the liver, is one of the best ingredients Detox, for hypertension, chronic hepatitis, but people of gastroesophageal reflux, you should consider taking.

Physical conditioning, don’t miss out the root and

The roots of the plant and, in fact, is rich in dietary fiber, in the eyes of Chinese medicine is a treasure, such as scallions, onions and spinach.

The roots of the onion

Generally used only onions among partial consumption. But scallion contain volatile oils, mainly composed of allicin, antioxidant, inhibiting bacteria and perspiration properties.

Onions can help relieve symptoms such as respiratory and gastrointestinal disease. People afraid of the cold, the winter shoulder soreness, onion soup, add some honey or sugar or boiling water, you can achieve the effect of colds, relieve muscle soreness.

Spinach roots

Spinach red roots contain iron, actually more than leaves some. Also contains vitamins a, c, and general lack of fruits and vegetables with vitamin k, can help prevent skin, internal bleeding, and can also build up their strength.

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