When shampoo and this thing can prevent hair loss

The saying goes, “trees shed their leaves and human capital”, most likely occurred in the fall and aggravate hair loss. Designer for external use combined with correct hair style, can effectively reduce hair loss. When shampoo and this thing can prevent hair loss.

Tips  When shampoo and this thing can prevent hair loss 31288034055_e09fc6666e_o

Ginger and warm, exterior, diverging effects. Ginger juice into the scalp, stimulates blood circulation, improving nutrition hair follicles and promotes hair growth. External application of ginger hair loss prevention methods are as follows: first, cut the ginger into pieces in a small amount of boiling in water, also may join lycium in boiling, Cook until the broth yellow, with strong ginger overflow. Put ALE washed her hair, her hair up again, and down about half an hour later, air dry, after about half a day and then washed with water. Second, ginger cut into thin slices, rub hair loss site directly, every 20 minutes, 1~2 times daily, 7-day 1 course. Third, wash the ginger mash ginger paste, filter out the ginger juice, into a gauze, dipping in ginger sauce, swabbing the hair and scalp, apply once a day. Garlic juice and ginger juice has the same effect. Is in need of attention, Seborrheic alopecia TCM for liver and gall of damp-heat stasis, fumigation head skin, ginger and warm, it is not suitable for ginger juice therapy.

People prone to hair loss comb, make sure to choose a wide-toothed comb. After all the hair in General, bend and swing their hair to the front from nape hairline to comb through hair direction; then to keep back the wandering hair, forehead hairline combed hair. This method over and comb the hair before and after, conform to the natural growth of the hair follicle, the hair shaft angle, can promote the blood circulation of the head to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

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