A lot of men but the banks

59, the Akers approaching retirement age, but many men walk past a snag. Why in this age, diseases suddenly? How I can survive this bridge, do health and longevity?

Live Healthy  A lot of men but the banks 30955843151_15863f3e59_o A lot of men but the banks

59 70% men problem

“This is a dangerous age, many hospitals, and patients are age onset. “China physician Association chest surgical Branch Executive Deputy President, and capital Medical University tumor learn Department Deputy Director support repair benefits told life times reporter, 58 age to 61 age is into old of began, especially male, this period body organ began aging degradation, and resistance disease of capacity declined, plus retired will to, original of lifestyle occurred change, near 70% people may appeared body or psychological Shang of does not apply.

In Xian, Shaanxi Province in the cardiology ward of a hospital, the reporter conducted a survey of 80 days. Results showed that within this time due to myocardial infarction in emergency treatment of patients, more than half are males between the ages of 59-61. Hospital official told reporters that about 60 men, seek medical treatment due to the number of 60% per cent of the total number.

“I’ve met a lot of patients, is there body does not seek help before and after two years in retirement. “The Vice President of Beijing University of Chinese medicine, Dong Zhi men hospital Tian Jinzhou said he had treated a patient surnamed Wang, is a State-owned enterprise bosses. Retired, old Wang Jingchang, strung out, followed by high blood pressure, blood sugar also continued instability. Just one month before his retirement, Wang managed to hold down the. When the family was taken to the hospital, he not only serious, high blood sugar, and heart arrhythmias. “Fortunately, the hospital was almost fell in the year of retirement! “Afterwards, Wang said, not without emotion.

According to Korea, the Chosun Ilbo reported from Ulsan medical school in the country and Korea, Seoul medical school medical school conducted the “Korea human burden of disease report” survey shows that for men, if you want to live to be 100 years old, must be over 60 years of difficulty. Report: “than women, more men die young, and once crossed the threshold for 60 years, average life expectancy of males tend to live. In the crowd of more than 50 years and 60 years old, nearly half died of cerebrovascular or heart disease. ”

Three diseases most likely to find you

For 59 years for men, the three diseases most likely to find you.

Is cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. The human deaths forecast report released by the World Health Organization, came in first place with myocardial infarction, estimated that by 2030, deaths due to myocardial infarction accounted for the overall cause of death in 13.4%.

“This disease is a major killer of elderly. “The Beijing tiantan hospital, Vice President, Beijing Director of cardio-cerebro-vascular disease treatment Center said Wang Yongjun, cardiovascular disease cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease are collectively, to 59 years old, cardiac blood output compared to 20, about 20%-30%, itself there are diseases with a high incidence of risk factors. Age, enterprise leaders, intellectuals, cadres, and so on, due to work pressure, mental stress, it is prone to; if the excessive smoking and drinking, socializing, no rule of life, cardio-cerebral vascular diseases occur easily.

Second, tumors. Cancer is common in the elderly, cancer has become the top two causes of death. According to the Ministry of Health’s Chief Health education experts Professor Hong Zhaoguang introduced, our most common and most dangerous serious tumor for lung cancer,,, and liver cancer.

Many old people “talking about cancer color change”, this is because many friends around them, retired because of a variety of tumors to suffer the pain of surgery, chemotherapy, “haven’t had time to retire, it has been claimed the chances of survival of tumor. 59 years for men, the tumor cannot control. “Hong Zhaoguang said.

Third, lung disease. In the World Health Organization has just published the evaluation report on the global burden of disease, and lung cancer is the primary disease threat in developing countries.

Yi told reporters that lung cancer high-risk group has three “20”: for more than 20 years of smoking, smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day, start smoking before the age of 20. Provided that they meet the one, are likely to suffer from lung cancer. “At the age of 59 per cent of people, people with smoking habits are consistent with these factors, so the lung disease. “Yi also pointed out that 59 years too late to give up smoking, because life is just beginning, twenty or thirty years in the future is the way to go,” retirement and quit smoking, there may be isolated from lung cancer. ”

Retired men more vulnerable

In addition to physical ailments, before and after retirement, psychological changes are also numerous. A survey of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, early retirement, more men than women are prone to loneliness, depression, irritability, paranoia and other mental symptoms.

“59 is one year prior to retirement. Retirement is a major life transition, adjusting it can suffer from psychological problems. “Elder, Director of the Institute of psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher at the Institute of psychology in Beijing Han Buxin, retirement heralds life habits, income, status, honour and the right to speak, and so on, will change. If you do not adapt to these changes, it will produce a wide variety of, such as loneliness, depression, even deviating from the norm of behavior. In particular, just retired, suddenly idle, bored, depressed, pessimistic, will be thinking much, sensitive, and decline in old age in good health, and would have produced doubts, anxiety and mental. Some people refer to this phenomenon as “retirement syndrome”. “This is a psychological disorder, retirees might appear to the status of about 25%. These unhealthy psychological damage of physiological functions, affect the immune and endocrine systems, causing and aggravating a variety of diseases. “Han Buxin pointed out that retirees may overcome by four” retirement syndrome “:

First of all, to accept the fact that retirement, if you want to open, and put it down. Rearranging your life as much as possible, to adapt to the new environment and lifestyle, communication with relatives and friends, take part in more social activities, make the bad feelings of release or transfer as soon as possible.

Second, to learn contentment. After retirement, some decline in economic and social status is inevitable, so don’t expect too much in both moral and material, we must learn to meet.

Again, the fun out of life and hobbies. Such as flowers, birds, play chess and so on, make the living colorful, exercise combined with healthy hobbies.

Finally, the children will be more concerned about their parents. Children will often write to MOM and dad to write, call or visit them, accompanied by the parents through the stages of retirement, gradually so that they accept a new life.

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